13 Things We Learned From Amber Rose’s Hot 97 Interview

[Lonely Nights, Book Deals & Heartbreak] 13 Things We Learned From Amber Rose’s Hot 97 Interview



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Amber Rose is singe and ready to mingle…but getting back in the dating game isn’t as easy most people think it is for her. You’d think that Amber would be the last woman on the planet that would have problems scooping up a man, but when she stopped by Hot  97, she told Ebro and the crew that she’s president of the Lonely Hearts Club this Valentine’s Day.

Claiming that she’s only been on four dates with two different guys since she and estranged husband Wiz Khalifa called it quits a few months back after she says he “broke her heart,” Amber’s been wanting a warm body to cuddle up with at night but the fellas out here think they don’t have to put in work because they think she’s easy. Also remember that night she twerked up on Chris Brown, she admitted in the interview, she did that to get back at Wiz…and she knows that it was petty.

Besides dating, Amber also talked openly and answered questions about rumors that she had plastic surgery after she gave birth, what she really meant on Light Girls when she said her family didn’t approve of her marrying a black man, considering herself to be bi-racial and not black, and why being a ‘bad b—h’ isn’t just about posting sexy pics on Instagram.

Check out a few interesting things we learned from Amber’s interview below:

1. She’s struggling to find a nice dude
“Let’s say I meet a guy and I like him and he’s nice. I feel like I’m kind of like a guy in a sense that if a guy wants to do me really fast I’m gonna look at him as a thot and I’m not gonna mess with him like that. That’s my problem. It’s a problem because sometimes I wanna just have like a date. Dinner. Conversation. I don’t wanna talk about my a–. I don’t want to talk about Instagram. I don’t want to talk about none of that s–t. I just want to have a regular, nice date. I just wanna go out [and] eat some food.

“I just started going on dates. [It’s been] three weeks to a month. Four dates, two guys. They are famous. They’re not in the music industry though.[…]I personally feel like I don’t want to date a regular guy because I feel like a regular guy isn’t fully gonna understand my life.”

“Wiz was the love of my life and he broke my heart. Now it’s months later and I’m just trying to date. I just want nice guys.[…]I want a guy who loves children or has children of his own. I would love that. I would love to expand my family and have step-kids. Someone that would love Sebastian and understand the love that I have for my son is like, beyond anything.”

2. Guys think just because they read something on the internet or saw some naked pics, they can hit it
“[Rosenberg and I] go out, we have fun. He knows my personality. He knows my heart. He knows how I am with my kid and my family and just me as a person. So when I meet these guys and it’s like, ‘Oh yeah he’s really, really nice.’ [Then they’re like], ‘You I’m just saying what that mouth do?’ I’m like, ‘Huh? Yeah, I’m gonna go now.’”

“You have to understand that what people say about me on the internet, people believe that s–t. So it doesn’t necessarily have to be true so getting into a relationship or dating someone, there’s a lot of questions that are gonna be asked. It’s like, ‘No, I didn’t sleep with that guy. No, I don’t even know that guy.’ ‘It’s on the internet.’ It’s out of my hands. I don’t f–king know! We were at the mall at the same time one day and walked out [at the same time.’ I don’t know that guy, you know what I mean? It’s a lot of explaining. It’s a lot of doubt.”

“I just want to find a nice guy, Ebro. I’m so sick of being lonely. Every night. I’m in New York and every night I’m sleeping [next to] my assistant.[…]Why can’t it be like, maybe we go on a couple of dates, right? And after that, maybe I get the ‘d.’

3. She’s Passionate During Sex but There is One Thing She Won’t Do…
[Sex with me] is going to be all over the room. It’s going to be everywhere. It’s going to be passionate, a lot of kissing. I don’t want anything in my ass, that’s the only thing I don’t want. Other than that, it’s all good. Of course [them eating he butt]. Snacks! That’s not really bad.

If he asks you to eat his azz, you’re gone?

I’m gone. No fingers in the ass bro. I’m not with that sh*t. It’s over bro, I’m out.

4. She’ll never date another musician
“No! Nooo! [Ebro: Not even Slash from Guns n Roses?!] YES! [Lenny Kravitz?] Nah. Only Slash.[…]I’ve never dated Nick [Simmons]. I’ve never kissed Nick. He is just my friend. He was a shoulder to cry on. Never. Never ever. He’s like Rosenberg. He’s like my brother.”

5. She Wants Chivalry and Not Meaningless Sex (Tired of Guys Approaching Her with Money Only)
Right now the point of in my life that I’m in, I could literally have sex with any guy that I won’t. But that becomes very lonely and then it becomes also like, not fun anymore. It’s like a guy that can literally have sex with any girl. He’ll go and do it and it’s like whatever but he doesn’t really care.

I feel the same way right now. So many guys trying to talk to me but it’s never like that right chemistry I want chivalry, I want flowers, I feel like guys always feel like they gotta impress me [by] pulling out wads of money.

6. She doesn’t screw or follow married men on social media
There is an athlete that keeps following me and unfollowing me and following me again so I keep seeing him so I can follow back and I’m not following him back. he’s married. He’s doing that so I can see him constantly see him following me. I’m not doing that bro.I don’t f*ck married men. Stop following me bro.
If you look at my Instagram, I’m literally not following anybody famous. I unfollower everyone.

7. She thinks women can be sexy and be mothers
“We’re still women. At the end of the day people will be like, ‘Oh you’re a mom, what is your son gonna think about you?’ My son, when he’s old enough to really see the pictures and read the captions if f–king Instagram is still even around, he’s gonna be like, ‘You, my mom was poppin’ bro.’ That’s what I think about my mom. I see old pictures of my mom. I’m not gonna say like, ‘Mom, you were looking a little slutty that day. I’m gonna be like, ‘You’re legit. You were poppin’.’ My son is two. Like, relax.[…]I’m a MILF! That’s it. I got a kid. I’m dope. I’m poppin’. I’m making money. That’s just me.

See what she had to say about the book she’s writing, whether she’s had plastic surgery, if she considers herself to be black or white, and why she twerked up on Chris Brown to get back at Wiz on Page 2

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