Love Over Money: Viral Meme Sparks Debate 

Love Over Money: Viral Meme Sparks Debate 



What do you do when your wedding photo goes viral, but for all the wrong reasons?  Well, that’s what happened to our fellow roommate! 

Yesterday we posted the fictional  viral meme of newlyweds “Keith and Tameka.” They tackled the issue of a woman being the provider  in a relationship. “Tameka” is a neurosurgeon who makes 400K a year, and her husband “Keith” is a retail manager making $44,000 a year. 

The comment section was lit and it turns out our Roomies were in support of Tameka’s decision choose her mate based on love instead of financial status.  

Coincidentally, our Roommate who’s wedding photo was stolen happens to be ESSENCE’s Relationship and Lifestyle Editor! She was flooded with the meme and shared her thoughts on the situation. 

” I take comfort in knowing that something so fake amplified and furthered a very real and much-needed conversation about women who earn more money than their man and provide for their family, just as many men have so proudly done for centuries.”

I agree with the roommates, “Tameka” can do as she pleases and it shouldn’t matter how much her man makes if it works for them. Who’s to say a male breadwinner equals a happy relationship? It’s a new day. Woman are competitive in the workplace making that coin! 

Check out her ESSENCE post here


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