Male Teacher in NYC Breaks Internet With His Facebook Page and Photos

Male Teacher in NYC Breaks Internet With His Facebook Page and Photos


A well educated black male teacher in New York City has broken the internet with photos and stories on his Facebook page. The pictures posted show a black man who is in top physical shape, incredibly buff, but this is not what has caused many to comment. This man teaches in an underprivileged neighborhood and acts as a role model for children who do not always have a dad at home to show them how to be a real man. A few comments have noted the tattoos which cover the teachers arms but almost all of the comment shave been positive. The teacher goes out of his way and spends out of his own pocket to guide and care for his students. Buying Jordans for kids who don’t have a dad around and whose moms are working hard just to make ends meet  is just one example. This is a reminder that most teachers actually care about their students and this man has probably saved many kids from the streets and gangs because of his selfless actions.





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  • Blizzast

    It really doesn’t matter how he looks. Even though he is a handsome man. It’s what he is doing for the youth in his community that counts and it seems as if he is stepping up to the plate as a teacher and even going above and beyond. Kudos to him.

  • Renee’

    But he’s not a teacher! It doesn’t negate the fact he’s attractive and what he does for the school kids as a custodian, but he’s not what the headline says. It doesn’t look bad on him, however it looks bad on the media outlet falsying infomation without doing research. A simple research and look up of his name in New York’s certified hired teachers would show his name DOES NOT come up.