Savage: Man Asks Woman If She Is Ready To Be A Single...

Savage: Man Asks Woman If She Is Ready To Be A Single Mother Before He Bust In Her From The Back



I’m really at a lost for words right now. Can someone please tell me what is going on with society right now. I don’t understand why the youth doesn’t wear condom anymore. This is exactly how you get AIDS and what not…..

He was very happy to be on world star…..


This dude is the new savage…..



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    Lol man shit fake

  • Mrs.Mason

    She be ok she probably on welfare already anyway just add another 1 we gotta pay for

  • mel

    Video want play

  • Sky

    I dnt think he had his them

  • Jana Reid

    These bitches dumb as fuck ????????

  • White Coco

    So fake!!! If it’s not dude got a little ass dick. If you got long dick game you sure ain’t hitting from the back like that. Lmao!!!!!!

  • Tony hill

    They young. They still f@cking with they clothes on.

  • lili

    This isn’t savage. This is stupid. Bravo to the parents of these children. They won’t just be single mothers, they will be single mothers with STDs.

    Great parenting!!!

  • Theresa Kassogue

    Lol ain’t that the truth.

  • Theresa Kassogue

    Lol…how many of them do you pay for in those trailer parks??? Yo ass ain’t paying for shit!!! I can’t stay when dumb fucks say stupid shit like that. She’s a stupid female…period. Wtf

  • Theresa Kassogue

    We could talk about how these politicians and the military-industrial complex they’re beholden to are hypocrites for complaining about a public assistance system with low rates of fraud, yet defend wasteful spending, corporate welfare and the constant calls for more war. We could also go on about how despite their assertions that military spending creates jobs, so does public assistance spending – but that’s not what we’ll discuss today. Instead, let’s look at 6 popular myths used by some conservatives and libertarians to demonize welfare recipients.

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  • WNP84

    Blacks always got a comeback for what justifies their parasite existence.

  • Jay S Vee

    Whites always have some dumb shit to say when you show stats that prove more whites are on welfare than blacks yet we’re the parasites all while ignoring the fact that whites leech more than any other group on earth, not just the US. But continue…

  • Nina Marie

    This man is pretty much famous for being a stereotypical nigger

  • ShaniiSweet????????????

    But wait it gets worse…not only is he probably making these ditzy broads single mothers he too can possibly be handing them STI’s or worse AIDS HIV or herpes…who knows

  • David Smyth

    Stfu. When its white people “oh they’re young” But when its black people its “Parasites” “Monsters” Go shoot up a school or FCK your dad you cunt.

  • LEE

    At least it ain’t gonna be no surprise for em lol

  • Ryan McMahon

    That’s how any one of them gets famous.

  • John Hall III

    @BATHOMET @Ryan
    I’d would love to offer you gentleman a cup of bleach, Clorox not the fake shit. Drink responsibility now.

  • Legin Nigellus Hickman

    Bitch ass^^^

  • Legin Nigellus Hickman

    Parasitic existence? Your race and country as a whole is only what it is today solely because of centuries of leeching, plundering and riding on the backs of other ethnicities/minorities and yet you call us the parasites? ???????????? ok ok well in that case before you call me a parasite first you, your father and brothers should come tend to my crops while your sisters suck my dick and prepare my meals all while your mother “the housemaid” cleans my house from top to bottom, tends to my wife’s and children’s duties, all before she joins your sisters in the fun ???? for the rest of your lives……..FOR FREE ????

  • Legin Nigellus Hickman

    Maybe he dont got long dick game????????????

  • BlowMe

    …he not even fucking forreal. Boy probably uses rubbers..

  • And GO

    while you perverts become famous for raping children. A stereotypical cracker.

  • Che Santos

    Clearly fake and made to be viral.

  • Sean

    You clearly have no understanding of things like percentages, ratios, statistics and so on.

    It’s about looking at the percentage or ratio of those statistics in proportion to the size of the US population as a whole and because whites make up the majority of the population, then they will naturally make up the majority of most (if not all) of the circumstances highlighted.

    It then becomes “normal” for want of a better word if those particular things looked at are in proportion to the population size as a whole. So if for example Whites make up around 70% of the population then to be in proportion, you could reasonably expect them to make up around 70% of everything, including those on welfare. By the same token Blacks make up around 12% of the population so you would think proportionately they would also make up around 12% of everything too.

    Anything exceptionally above or below those percentages for each racial group would be disproportionate to their racial group’s size in comparison to the population size as a whole, yet the following statistics state:

    “Some 61 percent of welfare recipients are White, while 33 percent are Black, according to 1990 Census Bureau statistics.”

    Now I’m personally not making any judgements either way considering I’m well aware that most Blacks fit into the less financially well off group, as do most Whites too if just going by the actual total in numbers, but once again you have to look at the percentage in proportion to population size.

    To make the almost “non-point” that you did by saying more Whites are on welfare than Blacks, you might just as well have said more Whites are millionaires than Blacks or more Whites than Blacks pay taxes that those very same welfare payments are made from.

  • Ainz Ooal Gown

    Wow just look at all the butt hurt around here. This is satire at best and a poor joke at worst. I’d tell you to get a sense of humor, but first you need to get a fucking grip, bunch of repressed morons.

  • davieena johnson

    why is it that you caucasians all had negative shit to say about the african american young woman but not the young woman of your race? as a young women of color a young single mother of color at that i didnt choose to be this was probably fake anyways the whole single mother shit who knows? sit chur dumb white rabit asses down for a second and think

  • Damon Craven

    You muthafuckas have all the nerve in the world to talk about someone having a parasitic existence.

  • Justice

    I think you’re a typical black female. And yes you did choose to lay down and get your gash pounded. It was your choice, shithead. You’re a single mom who sleeps with anyone with a pee-pee. I feel sorry for your child. Just another poor black bastard who’s daddy came in his mother’s ditch and bailed. You’re everything wrong with America.

  • Justice

    Whites are held in much higher regards than blacks. It’ll always be that way.

  • Zeke Holleran

    I feel like youre wrong though, a typical “nigger” (a tad offensive i may add) wouldve just done it anyways, whereas he asks first just to be sure. Honestly i feel like the asking is what makes him not a nigger


    Hmmmm i guess you’re right haha


    I’ve seen more niggas sexually exploit underage girls more than the rapes you hear about ‘crackers’. The only difference… they’re called pimps…and they hardly get caught. Though, both are equally parasitic in my opinion. ????


    I’m a lady; though, thank you but I’d like to decline. Bleach doesn’t really work much. Perhaps i should just hang myself? Maybe a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head? I’ll let you decide hun. :*

  • Greg Roy

    Awe how sweet he wants the kids that his bitch ass can’t make to grow up like him and his mom. Fucking coon.

  • Tiger Paww

    “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.”


    This is rachet as fuck i would of got up so quick if he said some dumb shit like that smh wrap it up std bound

  • Philip

    fuck that these women don’t deserve children or welfare, they are fucking stupid hoes.

  • A.S.S

    hate to burst your bubble he does these skits for views