Man Completely Loses It after Catching Girlfriend Licking Her Own Cousin P***y

Man Completely Loses It after Catching Girlfriend Licking Her Own Cousin P***y


She ask this question after she got done eating that dirty pussy….


Can cunnilingus make you sick?  (Cold/flu type sick)

I am 30.  A little overweight and not the healthiest woman with diet and lifestyle.  But otherwise good.

I have got a sore throat, swollen tonsils and flem/mucus forming in my throat area.  Pretty sure im running a temperature.

I think it was caused from eating my CUZIN out?  I went down on her for a good 30mins.  I licked and sucked her clit and as deep into her vagina as i could get.  I also licked, sucked and inserted my tongue into her anus.  And i also drank her urine.  (When we get down, we like to get way down)

But this is nothing new.  Ive been with this girl for a number of years now.  Ive gone down on her heaps and heaps over our relationship.  I love doing it.  And i have probably eaten her (or my previous GF vagina) out like this on average at least once a week for the last 10 years, And ive never ever been ill from it like now.  And i have rimmed her and drank her urine heaps before aswell.  (I have a dirty fetish and she indulges me in it from time to time)

It started pretty much straight after the act.  Well within a few hours i could feel my throat was not right.  The next day i had the symptoms described above.  Its been a day and a half now, and i feel im gonna get worse over the next day or 2.

She is in good health.  And doesnt have any flu/cold symtoms etc.  Or any other illness either.  But maybe a couple of months ago she did have some sort of thrush or urinary infection or something along those lines.  (I will have to check with her exactly what it was)  Anyways i had to inject this white paste syringe medical treatment into her vagina for a couple of days.  And according to her doctor that sorted it all out and she has recovered.  (I didnt go down on her during this time obviously.   Im dirty, but im not that dirty. )   This is not the first time ive gone down on her since then either.  But we have been doing it less and less in recent times.

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Anyways.  Im pretty certain im sick from eating her out.  And i am wondering if this is even possible?  And if its a sign that maybe we have some sort of STD.  Or even maybe it would mean shes been un-faithfull to me recently etc?  (I have no other reason to think this, but this sore throat has me thinking about it.)

I would like to continue going down on her.  We both love it.  But i dont want to get sick from it.

I have done a google search on the subject, and it seams this is not uncommon.  But no-one really had any definitive answers.



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