Man Covers 6-Year-Old Girls Mouth then Rapes Her in Church Bathroom

Man Covers 6-Year-Old Girls Mouth then Rapes Her in Church Bathroom



Franklin County man is facing sexual assault charges involving a 6-year-old girl at a church Tuesday.
According to court documents, the girl was on her way to the bathroom at the Body of Christ Church on Spring Forest Road in Raleigh when she encountered 33-year-old William Coffey in a hallway.
Coffey allegedly picked her up and carried her into the men’s restroom.

The documents state Coffey “covered the mouth of the victim when she attempted to scream.”
then allegedly sexually assaulted the girl before letting her leave the bathroom.

Coffey had left the church by the time the girl returned to her parents and told them about the incident, according to court documents.
Ed Coffey, the suspect’s father, was also at the church during the alleged attack.

“All I know is, and I’ll say is, I was with him for 45 minutes in the church. Okay?” Ed Coffey said. “Continuing our meeting, nothing was going on. We left quietly, went out, nobody said a thing. We got home and that’s when I got a call.”
In a statement, Body of Christ Church said that while it has stringent procedures in place for all personnel working with children, Coffey was not a church member and was visiting a men’s Bible study group when the alleged attack happened.

“Our ultimate concern and care now and has always been for the child and family involved,” it said.
Coffey has since been charged with first-degree sex offense child, first-degree kidnapping and indecent liberties with child.

He is currently being held in the Wake County Jail under a $1 million bond.
“It’s disturbing that there’s people out there, especially going to church and being part of the community that would do those kinds of things,” said Coffey’s neighbor Chase Baker. “I hope he gets convicted to the full extent of the law.”

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According to court documents, Coffey served two years, three months in prison for kidnapping and molesting a 9-year-old girl at a north Raleigh apartment complex in May of 2009.

Raleigh police said he encountered the girl as she was walking from the pool. Authorities said Coffey “touched her inappropriately.”

Documents show Coffey was living with his parents in a townhouse across from the apartments at the time of the 2009 incident.

  • Ashley Nicole Long

    Why isn’t this man dead! If i wad there i’d kill him myself. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? i was molested by my own uncle, i fucking hate sex offenders. Wish they could all just die, i extremely hate church now more then ever! Your all following a white mans devil anyways. Fuck your religion(s). Die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Rast

    It’s like the devil himself walked into this church on that day.

  • EllaC

    There are no words. Its just horrible. The guy is super sick. Passing his disease on to innocent babies. He’s sick in his soul. All molesters and rapist are. They’re ill.

  • Joshua Betts

    I agree! Its a sickness. A mental disorder. Just like homosexuality… Mental illness

  • Joshua Betts

    He gone get what he deserve in prison! Them convicts take GOOD care of sex offenders and rapists….. He got it coming n he kno it!

  • budfudlacker

    ^^^racist^^^…..ignorance and bad attitudes certainly don’t help things. Congrats, you’re part of the problem.

  • Lavorne jones


  • Lilith Spirit

    Homosexuality is not an illness ????homosexuality has nothing to do with this article at all

  • dstallwell

    You sound like you’re still in a lot of pain. Please find a way to get some counseling. Learning to cope with your pain will make your quality of life better. God Bless.

  • Cindi Rae Rarick

    Here in Florida , if you are convicted of a second sexual offense you are chemically castrated.

  • kimcharmainejay

    the parents should have been watching every move their little girl was making

  • mark

    To think that your a man and you was born a female
    Is a sickness

  • Ginger Tilton

    Don’t blame the parent’s.. It was that sicko.. You would think your child would be safe at church. But I guess not, anymore..

  • Brittany F. Hale

    That is not homosexuality that’s transsexual, no matter it’s not a sickness. Men touching children is

  • Willa Gilkey

    Why? Why would you think that? I’m 58 years old and when I was a little girl old men would be rubbing my arms and patting on me and kissing my hand. It’s NEVER been safe at church.

  • Willa Gilkey

    And it isn’t curable. They can treat the people, but off the meds they always do it again. Facts

  • Willa Gilkey

    He comes every sunday, don’t you read the book you say you live by?

  • Willa Gilkey

    You should do some research. This “religion” belong to NONE of the people brought here by your people. It was forced on them. By the slave owners. It behooves to think and see the reality of this. Besides religion is a form of mind control with black people. It teaches you to forgive all atrocities performed past and present for the pie-in-the-sky afterlife when the perpetrators will be punished. LOL!

  • budfudlacker

    Awww bless your heart. You poor ol’ black folks, y’all are just victims of everything, aren’t ya?

  • Lilith Spirit

    What tf do homosexuality gotta do wit this article u closed minded ass

  • Safia Seivwright

    He is a pervert. Lock him away for LIFE.

  • Cynthia

    Guys say “Hey, why do you girls always go in pairs to ‘The Ladies’ Room”? Yes……it is ‘Old School’….but, granted ….it WORKS. Mess with my friend girl and your ass is mine….just saying!

  • Roxy Gibbs

    I really hope he gets his asshole torn in prison. Nobody likes a nonce! how sick and perverted can you be smh

  • Wendell Gaymon

    Righteous men, we must really protect our women and children. Children should never be alone, supervised at all times. The Devil is lurking. We must consider what areas are ripr for an attacker to attack and change the area to assure the safety of others. Imagine an alarm chime that goes off to let you know when someone is in the bldg. Any other ideas?

  • Sarah

    Dummys what dose being gay have anything to do with this article read the thing and being gay is a choice fuckers smfh

  • Lilith Spirit

    Right i said that n both my comments???? y that dummy plural


    It’s not the parent’s fault, but I watch everything my children do that I can…..I even have my eyes on them when they go to alter call…..i dont see where all these sexual preferences have anything to do with sexual VIOLENCE tho….but I hope everyone gets the justice they deserve.

  • EG

    please explain what you believe it is ?

  • eg

    DONT EVEN TRY TO GO THERE .. SEEMS AS IF YOURE THE BIGOT AFTERALL .. WITH THIS POOR OL BLACK FOLKS STUFF … do u really think someone is going to listen to you after you try to insult people in their pain ..>? If youre not black you would never understand anyway

  • eg

    really? this is after the fact ! so it matters not .. find something kind and compassionate to say … the parents already feel bad enough .. get a clue

  • budfudlacker

    Newsflash! We’re all in pain! Do you think that life dealing people a bad hand is exclusive to black people? And that all other races and cultures live some perfect, care free life? What an unbelievably egotistical, entitled, albeit naive way to think. Why should someone listen to you with your attitude?

  • Lilith Spirit

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  • Lilith Spirit

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  • MsBossi ForLife

    Sounds good to me!

  • MsBossi ForLife

    I was a Federal Officer for 9.5 years I know all about it. If Justice doesn’t prevail the Inmates will tear another hole in that ASS!

  • Paul

    Hell be getting plenty of sex now, whether he wants it or not

  • me me

    You never should let your little one go to the rest room alone TRUST NO ONE !! I’M AM TRULY SORRY FOR WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT BABY THAT MF WOULD SEE A COURT DATE !

  • Lilith Spirit

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