Man Murders His Own Kids & Wife’s Whole Family Over Child Support

Man Murders His Own Kids & Wife’s Whole Family Over Child Support



Atlanta, Georgia – On Saturday evening February 7th around 3 p.m. Cedric Prather Jr., 33 arrived at his ex wife’s suburban home with murder on his mind.

Prather had parked a few blocks away and walked to Latoya A. Andrews house on Willow Tree Circle. Perhaps he wanted to give himself time to think about what he was about to do.

When Prather arrived in front of his ex wife’s house dressed in all black he paced back and forth on the sidewalk, as if giving himself some more time to think.. At the time he was on the phone with a friend. When suddenly he told the friend he had to go because “you don’t want to hear this” he said.

Shortly after 3 p.m. Prather hung up the phone and burst into his ex wife’s home and opened fire on everyone inside.
The first person to be shot was his ex-wife’s new boyfriend, Joseph Brown (not pictured). Then Cedrick made his way to the master bedroom to shoot and kill his ex Latoya..

When the kids heard the shots being fired they ran from the house, But Cedrick chased them and gunned them down outside the home.

After the kids ran Prather convinced them to come back. Police say that’s when he reloaded his gun and aimed it at his own children as they stood in the middle of the street. “The girl said, ‘Daddy no,’ ‘Daddy don’t’ and then he shot her,” said neighbor Teresa Carter.

Then right there as the kids bleed out in the middle of the street, he turned the gun and shot himself.

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Neighbors say they saw the boyfriend, Joseph Brown, still moving after he was shot. They say he was trying to help Andrews.

“He kicked the gun away from the shooter’s hand because he was still kind of moving, kicked it away from him and then went back inside the house to help her,” Carter told Channel 2 news.
Two of the children, London, 7, and her brother Jeremiah, 9, were killed.

Their big sister Misha, 15, remains in critical condition at a nearby hospital.
Court records show Prather and Andrews divorced in 2006, and the two had gone back and forth over their children since then. Andrews got a protective order against him a year and a half ago, court records show.

Prather killed his 7-year-old daughter, London, and 9-year-old son, Jeremiah. He also critically wounded Andrews’ 15-year-old daughter, Demeshia Owens, and Brown’s 7-year-old daughter, Jada Brown.

The family’s eldest son, a teenager, was playing basketball at the time of the shooting, and did not find out what happened until he was on his way home.
Those who knew him say his three children were his whole life, but when he lost his job as a truck driver recently, the pressure to financially provide and support them in addition to paying $437 a month in child support, plus back pay caused the unemployed truck driver to snap.

Cedrick lost his job because he lost his license, due to it being suspended because he was behind in child support. Child support that a neighbor says Latoya filed against him without telling him.

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In December 2013, the state officials said in a court filing that Prather owed $31,800 in past-due child support. He and Andrews eventually reached a custody agreement in last May that allowed the children to spend about half their time with their father.

Initially police were unclear as to a motive, but Neighbor Nick Cook said:

‘It was over the stupidest things. It was over child support and taxes.’

A few works earlier Pratt had asked his ex-wife if he could file the kids on his taxes, which would be taken by child support in a tax intercept and given to her.. Latoya said no.
In August of 2013, Andrews had asked judge for a temporary protective. At one point, she wrote, Prather forced his way inside her locked home when she was there alone. He also pinned her down on the stairs and sexually assaulted her, she wrote in a court filing. That restraining order recently expired.

According to Prather’s sister his three kids were everything to him, the pressure of losing his job and being unable to provide for his kids caused him to snap.

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