Man Shuts Down Angry Woman On The Bus + 9 Other Bus...

Man Shuts Down Angry Woman On The Bus + 9 Other Bus Arguments



bus road city - bus road city

Riding the bus is an adventure, but not often a good one. Your daily commute can be filled with creepy passengers, smelly strangers and weird folks that make you try and remember those lessons from that one karate class.

But the one unifying characteristic is that everyone on the bus agrees to get through it together with minimal drama. So when someone steps outside that understanding it pisses you off.

Despite your anger, you tend to remain silent and endure, right? Not this guy. This guy’s got jokes.

Conflict is no stranger to public transit though. This fight ended in silence. Some others?

Crazy lady loves the c-word

Racist man picks a fight

Drunk Old Man Vs. The Woman


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