Man Wakes Up With No Balls After Hooking Up With Girl In...

Man Wakes Up With No Balls After Hooking Up With Girl In Sauna



A Russian actor woke up after a night out with an inviting woman to find his testicles missing.

The tragedy of soap opera star Dmitry Nikolaev, 30, began at a bar following a theater performance in Moscow.

It was there where an individual described as a younger woman with blonde hair joined him for some more drinks.

She asked him to go to a sauna with her, and Nikolaev said yes, despite being married.

The 30-year-old enjoyed a drink and a sauna with her before he blacked out. Now during and going into the sauna was already a bad idea but police also think the girl slipped something in his drink.

He woke the next morning in a bus stop in acute pain and covered in blood. He was then rushed to hospital where he was told that his testicles had been removed.

Police believe he was spiked and procedure was carried out in a ‘skillfully’. They fear that his testicles were removed by a gang selling organs on the black market.

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