Mother” Kills her baby then post the video online for her baby...

Mother” Kills her baby then post the video online for her baby father to see.


#WTF “Mother” Kills her baby then post the video online for her baby father to see. #SHARE #HELP get this video out there.
Please, take the time
out to help a heart wreching family
find this woman. This video was
found to be taken place; Monday
October 19, 2015 Bronx, NY
Around 2:30PM The family has a $20,000
Reward if you find this woman.

Please Help This family out and share this story if you have any info.



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  • Dieann63

    Why is this online?? How is their saddness being played all over the WORLD gonna help them???
    Seeing this over an over…SMH

  • Moët

    It’s fake. Google it

  • Kissa

    This was quite delightful, yet annoying with that other lady screaming. One reason why I don’t bother dating or being anywhere near children.

  • Duroy steadman

    The NYPD confirmed this was a hoax
    These 2 dumb bitches just seeking attention the baby is safe & unharmed

  • very_opinionated1

    Horrible joke.

  • Patrick

    This proves that the Internet needs to be censored and regulated. If there was no one to watch this would have never happened. God Help is in what’s to come

  • tammt puryear

    they should both still be in jail for this horrifying video!

  • Barbara Hubbard

    Do people really believe this bull. You can see that she’s actually holding a doll.END OF STORY!!! Lol

  • Katrina

    Right!! That was CLEARLY a doll!! They are some childish, dumb broads I swear!

  • kimberly humphrey

    Wait! I watched it and there are too many unanswered questions. If she knew the woman was in the bathroom killing the baby why didn’t she already call 911? Who was in the rooms that the girl kept kicking the closed doors? Why didn’t anyone else in the house come when she started screaming about the baby being dead? Who would harbor this woman that killed a baby and not turn her in? When the girl finally got the baby why didn’t she take off with it instead of staying in front of the camera screaming?

  • Janice Vanek

    Crazy & insane women desperate for attention & not very good actors even. What a total waste of air ! (LOL)

  • Rainbow Dash


  • Eighty8zBornSavage

    You can clearly see its baby doll halfway through video you guys are really pety for attention thats not funny or anything its sickening….

  • Wanye

    I think that stupidity should be punished by sterilization that way these things don’t breed

  • Melissa

    I found this to be very awful why would someone make a video like that knowing that is not right these two girls deserve to be in jail….. fake baby in her hand you can see that that…. they both got issue hope that they don’t have babies in real life.

  • Ritopls

    It’s pretty obvious it’s fake. You can see, if you look closely the baby is fake at 2:09, she’s is stabbing the side and it’s probably a bottle of ketchup, and the empty booze bottle in the background kind of makes it too obvious.

  • BRiT_CHiCK


  • Ima Hater

    Considering she can barely put to legible sentences together, how is this a shock? This is Middle School break up behavior. That poor kid is going to be raised by an idiot, to be an idiot, and pass idiocy down to their five kids. Etc, etc.

  • Muir

    These “things”?

  • Dieann63

    Thanks… I meant to tell you thanks 7 months ago! I didn’t realize she was a youtuber.

  • Linda Mendoza

    Her name is ZAIDA PUGH. And we’ve all seen her CRAZY FAKE VIDEOS LIKE THIS, but this one… WENT WAAAAAAAAY TO FAR!!! Fuckin CUNT!!! How sick in the head can u be to even portray a mentally disturbed mother who kills her baby? Bcuz theres MANY MANY STORIES of teal moms, who REALLY KILL THE BABIES. ITS SICK!!!

  • Simplehuman

    I really truly think they are the degenerates of mankind. My heart is in pain and it may be fake,but what is the purpose of this they should be charged with something. They need to have a police record. I believe they are capable of commuting murder. They enjoyed making that video too much. Despicable.