New Bio-Tech Company Wants to Make Your Vagina Smell Like A Peach

New Bio-Tech Company Wants to Make Your Vagina Smell Like A Peach



The founders of two biotech startups have revealed plans to develop a supplement that will make a woman’s vagina smell like peaches.

Austen Heinz and Gilad Gome of Cambrian Genomics and Personalized Probiotics, respectively, call their concept Sweet Peach and revealed the plan at the DEMO conference in San Jose, CA, Wednesday afternoon, explaining its uses and how it will be made, Inc. Magazine reports.

The project will be crowdfunded through a campaign on the website Tilt, and while Personalized Probiotics will handle its chemical makeup, Cambrian Genomics will construct the pill by way of laser technology that can print DNA.

Sweet Peach works by rewriting the genetic code of the microbiome in the vagina, and the alleged results are tremendous boosts in both health and confidence.

According to the creators, it will stave off conditions caused by microorganisms like yeast infections and give women authority over their genitalia.

Heinz said on Wednesday,

The idea is personal empowerment. All your smells are not human. They’re produced by the creatures that live on you.

The two originally wanted to fund Sweet Peach through Kickstarter but were kicked off the site due to its policies about synthetic biology.

Gome told Inc.,

It just created such a big fuss. They didn’t want to handle it. I don’t blame them. Most governments around the world are having difficulty regulating this field.

As for why they chose to focus on vaginas, Gome said the supplement was simply the easiest way to achieve their goal of taking more control over one’s body.

He said,

It’s a better idea than trying to hack the gut microbiome because it’s less complicated and more stable. It only has one interference per month.

The team intends to use the same technology for another project that could make dog feces smell like bananas.


As if they didn’t love eating it enough already.