News anchor caught off guard after being called the ‘Hamburglar’ by her...

News anchor caught off guard after being called the ‘Hamburglar’ by her co-host




April Simpson on Fox2Now.

April Simpson on Fox2Now.

The latest viral news video has emerged after a St. Louis news anchor was called out by her co-host for wearing a striped shirt similar to the Hamburglar character from McDonalds ads.

During a recent morning broadcast for St. Louis’ Fox2Now, Tim Ezell put his co-host April Simpson on blast for her outfit.

“Welcome back to FOX 2 news in the AM. Time to get you all caught up with the headlines. For that, the Hamburglar,” said Tim Ezell.


April Simpson looked off camera at Tim and then back with a straight face.

“It is your birthday. I’ll let it pass,” said April Simpson, adding, “I’ll get you later.”

The clip has since gone viral, largely thanks to comedian Kevin Hart, who shared the video on Facebook, accompanied by the caption, “Whoah.”



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