NFL QB Cam Newton Gets His College Degree: I Promised My Mom...

NFL QB Cam Newton Gets His College Degree: I Promised My Mom I Would Finish


cam-newton-back-to-college1Cam Newton is a lot of things to a lot of people, but to his mother Jackie Newton he is a man of his word.

Newton promised his mother when leaving college for the NFL early as the #1 overall pick in the 2011 draft that he would graduate one day. He says they were raised to be people of truth and drive to finish things they start and his college degree was an opportunity to do just that while upholding a promise he made to his mother.

Last week, Newton signed a fresh five year, $103.8 million extension to play quarterback for the Carolina Panters and completed his degree in sociology from Auburn University.

Newton was a standout football player for the Auburn Tigers, leading them to an undefeated season and national championship in 2010.

Now he is a graduate with a degree in sociology from the university.

From an ESPN Interview with Newton:

Newton recently sat down with ESPN’s Trey Wingo to talk about earning his degree. Here are portions of that interview, which aired Friday on “NFL Live”, beginning with what it means to hear the words “college graduate.”

“It just gives me so much chills,” Newton told Wingo. “It’s like, I’m in the … and the league class that so many people cherish, but I also can shine light to so many other people that was in the dark. Just to say, ‘Why do I need my degree? I already got money. Why do I need my degree?’ … It’s not about how it may seem to you. It just makes sense.

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“I’m Cam Newton. I’m a graduate of … of … of a college. Not only a college, one of the best colleges. Or in my opinion, the best college, you know, in the nation at Auburn University.”

What an outstanding story for the young man to not only make a promise to his mother and fulfill it, but also to value education enough to put the time, effort and energy into it to complete his degree. Now when he speaks to the children in the communities he supports, he can say with pride and effort that it was worth it for him and it can be done by anyone willing to work for it.

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Source: ESPN

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