No Justice: George Zimmerman Will Not Face Federal Charges In Death Of...

No Justice: George Zimmerman Will Not Face Federal Charges In Death Of Trayvon Martin



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No Civil Rights Charges Filed Against Zimmerman For Trayvon Martin Murder

The Justice Department is set to make an announcement; George Zimmerman will face no federal civil rights charges for the unarmed shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

ABC News reports:

While the public waits for a Justice Department announcement over two separate investigations spurred by the summer shooting of an unarmed teenager in Ferguson, Missouri, the department is going to first announce its findings in the killing of Trayvon Martin.

ABC News has learned Martin’s family will soon be notified that the Justice Department will not be filing charges against George Zimmerman, who shot the 17-year-old after a confrontation in 2012. Thursday marks three years to the day since Martin was killed.

Federal prosecutors concluded there is not sufficient evidence to prove Zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman in Sanford, Fla., intentionally violated Martin’s civil rights, sources told ABC News.

The case sparked intense discussions over race in America because Martin was walking to his home with only Skittles and an iced tea in his hands.

SMH…no justice, once again.

Are you really even surprised by this news???


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