Not Just Tyga: Scott Disick Confirms Whether Or Not He Knocked Up...

Not Just Tyga: Scott Disick Confirms Whether Or Not He Knocked Up Kendall Jenner Behind Kourtney’s Back!




Kendall Jenner Is Not Pregnant With Scott Disick’s Baby

In recent years Scott Disick has proved his devotion to Kourtney Kardashian, after years of being unfaithful to the reality star.

Via Rumor Fix reports:

But is Disick revisiting his old habits? According to a new report in Star magazine, yep!

Not only is the 31-year-old is stepping out on his relationship with the mother of his three children, but the tabloid claims the entrepreneur is messing around with none other than Kendall Jenner — Kourt’s half sister. But wait — there’s more! Star alleges that Kendall is pregnant with Disick’s baby, and the 19-year-old does not care to ruin her sisters relationship and family, because she is in love with the father-of-three.

An alleged source close to the clan claims that Kourtney is “confused, hurt, and terrified that Scott is going to leave her,” adding that Kourt learned of Kendall’s pregnancy after it was revealed to her in a dream.

As for why Kendall is going through with cheating and breaking apart of her family, Star claims that the supermodel provided a clue during a recent interview, when she said, “I wanted the attention to be on me and not my family for five minutes!”

Both Scott, Kendall, and sister Khloe took to their social media pages to laugh off allegations made earlier this month that the two were having an affair behind Kourtney’s back.

But the gossip rag suggests the family “making light of the situation in public” has Kourtney livid. “By laughing the issues away, Scott and Kendall are actually rubbing their flirtation in her face,” a pal explains.

Being the middle sibling of prominent people and all, it’s understandable that Kendall would crave attention. But would Jenner really stoop so low as to ruin her family life for the sake of being noticed?

RumorFix reached out to a pal super close to the Kardashian Klan who tells us the entire story is completely made up and 100% false!

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What the hell is going on with the Kardashian Klan??


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  • Assune Cotlage

    This is crazy

  • Eyes4Daze

    The Kardashians are creating these fake stories to divert our attention from the real story. The real story is Tyga and Kendall. The tactic is called hide the elephant in the room.

  • Assune Cotlage

    I think that boy tiger going to get a case

  • Lauren S.

    no. the real story is they are just trying to get people to pay attention and it’s working.

  • assune

    So true