On the Deficit Side of SHE Versus HE

On the Deficit Side of SHE Versus HE



On the Deficit Side of SHE Versus HE

Has this ever happened to you? Where you
ever that HE/SHE?
*HE pursued you for what you thought was a
relationship when HE was just rebounding with you.
*HE said he didn’t want a serious relationship but, HE got married six month later.
*HE said HE wanted a serious relationship but, HE was already married to someone else.
*HE was with you for over a decade, marriage, kids
and all. Yet, HE was never fully committed in his
*HE never wanted anything really. HE was just lonely and simply wanted sex.
*HE couldn’t handle your love due to his own
insecurities and issues.
*HE was almost too good to be true until his dark
secret was revealed.
*HE just stop calling….til this day you still
don’t know why.
*HE was abusive, controlling, jealous….just all
kinds of wrong.
*HE loved you & SHE & her & her too.
*HE was too wounded to ever love you or anyone else
for that matter.
*SHE loved you but, wanted him and her freedom more.
*SHE didn’t love you SHE only loved the last thing you did for
*SHE was too self-absorbed to love anyone else.
*SHE used you as her rebound only to return back to
*SHE said you don’t do it for her anymore.
*SHE had too many insecurities about herself that
she couldn’t love anyone else.
*SHE pretended to be someone SHE wasn’t then the real SHE showed up.
*SHE didn’t know how to relate to HE for she lacked positive role models.
*SHE no longer met your physical needs. Intimacy
became a chore for SHE.
*SHE woke up one day and decided that motherhood and
marriage was not her deal anymore.
*SHE said you wasn’t good enough.

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