Oscars — Would You Like a Lime or a Cockroach in Your...

Oscars — Would You Like a Lime or a Cockroach in Your Drink?




Would You Like a

Lime or Cockroach in Your Drink?

25 minutes ago BY TMZ STAFF


A gaggle of stars will hit the bars at the Oscars Sunday as the show goes on, and on … but those bars have been filthy for weeks … cockroaches, bugs and all.

TMZ has obtained video shot inside the Dolby Theater in Hollywood … the home of the Academy Awards. We’ve created a series of screen grabs, which show various bars that look anything but inviting.

You see dead cockroaches, flying bugs, spoiled food on the floor, dirty sinks, garbage strewn on the floor, dirt and a moldy cream container. 

0218-fly-on-the-wall-GIF-TMZ-02The video was shot late last year but we’re told by people who have been at the venue the conditions were unchanged as recently as 5 days ago.  

We’re told the Heath Dept. last inspected the Dolby in June and gave it a clean bill of health.

We contacted managers at Dolby, but so far no word back.

Birdman” may win in the main auditorium, but The Fly wins at the bar.



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