#OscarsSoWhite Should We Really Even Watch Them???

#OscarsSoWhite Should We Really Even Watch Them???




Should Black People Watch The 2015 Oscars???

It’s no secret that the 2015 Academy Awards are incredibly whitewashed this year, so much so that the program is the least diverse it’s been since 1998.

And with that in mind, the Twitterverse has been buzzing for weeks with a call to action. Much like a plethora of people did on Black Friday, a gaggle of folks are boycotting with hopes to make the academy see that lack of spotlight on black artistry is unacceptable and won’t be tolerated.

Headed by April Reign (@ReignOfApril) who created the #OscarsSoWhite hash tag, Reign is using Twitter as a digital megaphone to coach people in 140 characters or less on why they should be absolutely appalled by this year’s awards show.

#OscarsSoWhite Reign Of April #OscarsSoWhite #OscarsSoWhite #OscarsSoWhite


Take that (apologist azz) Cheryl Boone Issacs!

So should you tune in???

On one hand you could watch to see “Selma” director Ava Duvernay who along with her cast was 100% snubbed by the Academy (fawk your “Best Picture” and “Best Original Song” nods) and is graciously taking the whole thing in stride.



Ava Duvernay

Or you could take a more militant approach, say screw it and go (kinda sorta) pro-black with your programming tonight.

BET is airing the seriously good miniseries “The Book Of Negroes” as we speak (yay!) and “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and their positive imagery of black womanhood airs tonight on Bravo (boo!).

Or you could just do something else all together.

What do YOU think??? As white as the Oscars are should we even tune in????

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