OUCH! Did Michael Jordan Really Just Say that About Barack Obama?

OUCH! Did Michael Jordan Really Just Say that About Barack Obama?


NBA legend Michael Jordan was not just incredible on the basketball court, he is also reportedly a pretty good golfer. During a recent informal interview with Ahmad Rashad, Jordan was asked if he had to pick a foursome to play golf with, who would be on his team.

The former Chicago Bulls superstar and current Charlotte Bobcats owner gave a response that Rashad was not expecting. In fact, he was quite taken aback by it.

Jordan said he never played with Obama, but he would, also noting that it would take all day.  In fact, he called him a ‘hack’ and a ‘sh*tty’ golfer. If you’ve seen Obama’s golf swing, you would probably agree. That’s pretty incredible considering he’s played over 200 games of golf since his inauguration, more than most golf professionals.

One thing MJ said which the majority of Americans at this point would not agree with is that ‘I never said he’s not a great politician.” Well, I supposed one could agree with that statement if you look at it in the way that politicians are famous for lying. Obama has lied over and over again to the American people and even lied about his lies. So, if the ability to lie easily was the measure of a great politician, then Jordan would be correct.

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