President ‘I Have No F*cks Left To Give’ Obama Drinks A Beer...

President ‘I Have No F*cks Left To Give’ Obama Drinks A Beer During A Live Interview (VIDEO)


You know what I like most about our current president? He just doesn’t give a flying f*ck what people think about him. After 6 years of unending bullshit from the right, President Obama just doesn’t care anymore. He’s relaxed, smiling, and obviously enjoying the hell out of his job.

Case in point: On Sunday night, right before the Super Bowl, Obama gave an interview to NBC’s Savannah Guthrie. But, before the proper sit down interview, they had a more informal chat in the White House kitchen over a couple of home brewed beers.

Perhaps looking to short circuit the inevitable right wing whining about how “undignified” brewing beer in the White House is, Obama shared the following observation:

“We make beer. First president since George Washington to make some booze in the White House.”

Good luck figuring out how to get around that one, Fox News!

The topics ranged from who was going to win the Super Bowl to “Deflategate” to how much swagger Obama had going into the State of the Union Address to who he favored more in 2016, Clinton or Biden? As always, Obama fielded the question with his usual smoothness. If anything, Guthrie seemed uncomfortable with how comfortable the president was.

And then, right there on camera, the President of the United States shared a beer with a reporter in the White House kitchen. Because he goddamn felt like it.

Obama went on to joke that they should finish their drinks before they got started on the full interview to “make it go smoother” but Guthrie begged off. Oh well.

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Here’s the awesome video of Obama just not giving a f*ck: