Previously unheard Jimi Hendrix track discovered after 50 years

Previously unheard Jimi Hendrix track discovered after 50 years



Curtis Knight and the Squires, featuring Jimi Hendrix.

Shortly before he was discovered by Animals bassist Chas Chandler and lit a fuse under the international music scene with the Experience, Jimi Hendrix was more of a jobbing musician.

During the mid 60s he played with the likes of Little Richard and the Isley Brothers and managed to get himself into a laughably bad contract with notorious label boss Ed Chalpin while playing with Curtis Knight & the Squires.

While in that band he recorded a track called “Station Break”, which has just surfaced online after 50 years and sees him sticking to a more restrained style that hints at his signature sound of the late 60s – while wearing a pretty special jacket.

The recording, which has been acquired by Experience Hendrix and restored by Eddie Kramer, features on a new album of tracks from that era, You Can’t Use My Name: Curtis Knight & The Squires (Featuring Jimi Hendrix), which is out on March 24.

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