Racist and Offensive Facebook Post Shows Child in Blackface

Racist and Offensive Facebook Post Shows Child in Blackface




Recently a very racist and highly offensive Facebook post was uploaded by user Mike Mccoy, and web surfers were quick to comment and condemn. In the post the photo shows a boy in blackface with his lips enlarged and colored deep red. The caption reads “My son wanted to dress up as something retarded for Halloween. Thought about it for a second….Came up with a black lives matter protester. Seems fitting.”The boy is wearing a black stocking cap on his head and his entire face has been covered with black paint.
Whoever created this Facebook post should be ashamed. First the poster uses the word retarded, obviously picking on mentally handicapped people. The post also shows a complete lack of empathy for a group who is trying to bring the killing of black people by police to the attention of the larger public. Maybe the post was made out of a misguided sense of humor but for many African Americans this subject is one that is very touchy. Just like any group the BLM group has some bad apples, but many just want to see change and for skin color to no longer be an issue. Fair treatment for all, with everyone of every color receiving the same treatment.

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  • Dale O’Reilly

    This is funny? How funny would this asshole think he is if his son is out trick-or-treating on Halloween when he gets pulled over by a cop who is as stupid and as racist as his retarded father. The stupid cop, fooled by the BLM protester costume, mistakes the dressed-up white kid for a REAL black person and treats him as such: he shoots & kills him, then plants a fake gun on him.

    Maybe then the retarded father might have some idea of what it’s like to be black in today’s society. Maybe.