Random Ridiculousness: Man Caught Driving In HOV Lane With A Fake Passenger...

Random Ridiculousness: Man Caught Driving In HOV Lane With A Fake Passenger Made Of Popsicle Sticks



Popsicle person

Man Uses Fake Passenger Made Of Popsicle Sticks

A New York man recently made headlines after authorities say he assembled a fake passenger out of popsicle sticks so he could ride in the HOV lane.

New York.CBS Local reports:

A Long Island man was caught Friday morning driving in an HOV lane with a fake passenger in his vehicle, Suffolk County police said.

At around 6:30 a.m., police said Suffolk County Highway Patrol Officer Jonathan Abrams spotted a red pickup truck speeding in the westbound HOV lane near Exit 51.

When he pulled the truck over, Abrams said he saw a wooden figure wearing a hooded sweatshirt seated in the passenger seat.
“I noticed that the front seat passenger was not a person,” Abrams told 1010 WINS. “It was constructed as if it was Popsicle sticks, large Popsicle sticks. It was the shape of a torso with a head on top with the hood pulled up over the head.”

The driver, 56-year-old James Campbell, told the officer he was driving to a new job and didn’t want to be late, police said.

popsicle person

Campbell claims the dummy momentarily fooled even the officer who pulled him over.

“He said, ‘Passenger, can I see some ID?’ And I said, ‘Officer, I don’t think so,’” Campbell told TV 10/55’s Richard Rose.
Speaking to reporters Friday evening, Campbell said it was the first time he had been busted.

He said he also has a similar figure that represents a wooden female.

Campbell was issued summonses for speeding and occupancy violation. But he was allowed to keep the dummy.

After being released by police, Campbell said he drove back home in the HOV lane with the wooden passenger again, this time without getting caught.

“I’ve been using it for months,” he said.

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SMH at this guy having a second fake dummy at home and why would police let him keep it after he got caught????


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