Rapper Rymir Satterthwaite Says Jay Z Is His Father. Seeks DNA Test...

Rapper Rymir Satterthwaite Says Jay Z Is His Father. Seeks DNA Test (Video)



Rymir Satterthwaite’s Godmother, Lillie Coley, filed filed a paternity suit in a New Jersey civil court in December 2014, seeking a DNA test from Jay, real name Shawn Carter, to determine if he’s Rymir’s dad.
When contacted by The New York Daily News on Thursday, February 19, Coley was surprised the information had gotten out.

“Right now I can’t talk to you about it,” Coley, who is Ryan’s legal guardian, said Thursday. “We plan to talk to the public soon. All this attention caught us off guard, We didn’t expect someone to leak it to the press. We weren’t expecting this.
Rymir Satterthwaite
This paternity battle has been raging on since 2010 when Rymir’s mother, Wanda, named the 45-year old Brooklyn rapper as possibly being the boy’s dad.
The two reportedly met and started dating in the early 90’s. Jay is from Brooklyn, New York. Wanda graduated from high school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1994.
A second man thought to be Rymir’s father since birth was ruled out by a DNA test. If proven to be true this would be Jay’s second child. He has a daughter with singer Beyonce named Blue Ivy.



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