Raven-Symoné’s Surprising Comeback On ‘Empire’ Was Everything

Raven-Symoné’s Surprising Comeback On ‘Empire’ Was Everything



Raven-Symone on Empire
Raven-Symone and Jussie Smollet
Post contains spoilers!

Proceed with caution!

So who saw yesterday’s episode of the juggernaut TV show that is Empire? We’re still catching our breath hours later!

Last we saw Raven-Symoné, she was attending Academy of Art University in California after her State of Georgia TV show was cancelled a few years ago. But apparently, the lifelong actress wasn’t completely done with acting because she made one of the biggest comebacks ever on last night’s episode of Empire as “Olivia.” Ha!

The bombshell of all bombshells was dropped at the very end of the episode just as whole Lyon family was leaving the Empire offices. Olivia, who had an adorable little girl named Lola with her, threw everyone for a loop when she claimed a very much gay Jamal Lyon [played by Jussie Smollett] was her baby daddy!empire_106_raven_daddy empire_106_daughter


Coincidentally, Raven and Jussie are best friends.

Also, the irony is that five years ago, there was this insane rumor that Raven was pregnant, and it was going around that Jussie was the baby’s father! LOL!

We’ll have to wait until next Wednesday to see what goes down, but the previews for the next episode has Lola returning and calling Jamal her daddy. It also has Jamal explaining to his boyfriend that he only slept with Olivia once. Plus, word is Raven will be returning again before the season finale later this year.
Raven-Symone and Jussie Smollet

Call us crazy but it’s weird Olivia was asking for Lucious instead of Jamal. And even more odd that Lucious looked VERY familiar with her. We already know how the Empire boss gets down [RIP Bunkie!] and the fact that he absolutely HATES that Jamal is gay. Could it all have been a set up gone wrong when Olivia became pregnant?!

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Lawd, Wednesday can’t come soon enough!

What did you think of last night’s episode?


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