Relax: The 'Twin Peaks' revival is still going forward

Relax: The 'Twin Peaks' revival is still going forward



‘Twin Peaks,’ the revival of which had longtime fans in a tizzy, is still coming back despite rumors of production complications, says sources.

Reports that David Lynch has not yet signed a contract to return to do Twin Peaks at Showtime shouldn’t have you losing any sleep.

The dust-up started when Lynch, co-creator of the original series, spoke at a panel in Australia about how “complications” had arisen in the making of the Showtime revival.

Back in October, the network had said that Lynch was not only going to pen scripts with fellow co-creator Mark Frost but also direct all the episodes.

In a follow up interview with an Australian news outlet, Lynch elaborated, saying they were “still working on the contract.”

So, should we be worried? In short, no.

Sources close to production tell Mashable that this is all a normal part of the preproduction process. Meaning, chill.

Up until now, plans for the 9-episode revival, set to air in 2016, have gone swimmingly; though, the network has been coy.

The one bit of casting news that has been released was back in January, when Kyle MacLachlan made a surprise appearance at a press event to announce his return — something that, again, is likely to happen.

So, rest easy and get yourself a damn good cup of coffee.

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