Rob Ford is auctioning off the tie he wore while admitting to...

Rob Ford is auctioning off the tie he wore while admitting to smoking crack



The tie as pictured on Ford’s eBay listing, next to a screenshot of Ford admitting to having smoked crack.

Image: Rob Ford

In case you were wondering, former Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s eBay store is pretty successful.

Ford, who opened the store on Feb. 13, appears to be auctioning off the tie he wore while while he admitted to having smoked crack in 2013.


At the time of writing, the current bid for the tie sits at $9,250, with five days left in the auction. Ford tweeted a link to the listing, but hasn’t yet responded to questions as to whether it’s the same tie he wore in the press conference in 2013.

Ford has stated that 10% of the proceeds from his eBay auctions will go to liposarcoma research and care facilities. The former mayor, who was diagnosed with pleomorphic liposarcoma in September 2014, has not stated where the remaining 90% of proceeds will go.

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