Rocko Arrested After Drag Racing His Rolls Royce

Rocko Arrested After Drag Racing His Rolls Royce




Rocko Arrested After Racing Down Atlanta Highway

Rocko and an unidentified friend were tossed into jail on Friday night after drag racing down the highway in luxury cars. Rocko was racing a friend down I-75 who was driving one of his other cars. It seems he wanted to test the power of the Rolls up against the speed of his BMW.

It’s not everyday that you see two high-end luxury cars speeding against one another on 75, so naturally they caught the attention of the Atlanta PD. By the time police caught up to Rocko and his friend, they had already cut out their fast and furious shenanigans and were driving at a normal pace.

That didn’t stop police from pilling them over and arresting them both. Rocko’s friend apparently tried to escape in the BMW, but being that the cop cars had a little speed on them, they were able to catch up to him and eventually take him into custody for fleeing and eluding a peace officer.

According to TMZ, since both the cars had slowed by the time cops caught them, neither could be charged for racing. BUT since Rocko’s DMV papers weren’t quite all together, he got tossed in for driving with a suspended license.

At least there was no accident! Racing can get dangerous…



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