Romeo Gets Pulled Into Nasty Divorce Battle His Parents Are Having And...

Romeo Gets Pulled Into Nasty Divorce Battle His Parents Are Having And Ends Up Being Sued By His Own Mother!



Master P. And his estranged wife, Sonya Miller are still battling out their divorce and let’s just say the gloves are really coming off hunty! That’s because Romeo has now been sued by his own mother!!! So much for a mother’s love right? 

Well Sonya claims that’s MP is using Romeo to gain leverage in the divorce –more specifically using Romeo to hide his aspects and making it seem as if he has less than what he really does. 

Sonya uses No Limit Records, the label Sonya and MP started back in the ’90s as her argument. Apparently after some time went by, Romeo and MP ventured off to their own label (No Limit Forever)–without Sonya! It’s said that NLR and NLF are quintessentially the same company EXCEPT with NLF, Romeo is named founder and owner meaning Sonya can’t touch a thing over there! According to TMZ, . Sonya believes it’s just a ruse and it is really controlled by Master P.

Next, she believes that MP’s reality show, “Master P’s Family Empire,” is another avenue he is utilizing as a deflector.  According to her, he got $750k for the first season and is putting Romeo on the payroll docs to shield the money. 

Although she has sued him, she was careful to not ever blame Romeo. Instead, she assumes that he may be an “unwitting pawn.”

Talk about keeping up with the

Millers! Honestly, this sounds like they have a little “Empire” drama going on if you ask us! Maybe Master P needs to call up Luscious for some advice, let’s chat below!

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 Let’s chat below! 


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