Scooter Braun's Kid — Little JB

Scooter Braun's Kid — Little JB



Scooter Braun’s Kid

Little JB

17 minutes ago BY TMZ STAFF


0212-scooter-braun-launch-01Scooter Braun paid homage to Justin Bieber by giving his brand new kid the Biebs’ initials.

TMZ has obtained the birth certificate for Jagger Joseph Braun … it can’t be a coincidence that the kid’s initials are JB and how could it be that Jagger is anything but Mick?

The birth certificate doesn’t give the height and weight, but we are told that the baby is doing great and so is Scooter’s very hot wife, Yael Cohen.

As we reported Justin was one of the first people to visit the kid at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where he was born.


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