Set It Off: Vivica Fox Is Still Mad That Kenya Moore Called...

Set It Off: Vivica Fox Is Still Mad That Kenya Moore Called Her ‘Ghetto’



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Vivica Fox Denies Kenya Moore’s “Ghetto” Claims

Vivica Fox is still none too pleased with her “Celebrity Apprentice” costar Kenya Moore.

The actress recently ranted about the Real Housewife who slammed her for being “ghetto” and threatened (once again) to “set it off.”

Radar Online reports:

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Moore “keeps going on!” Fox — who hosted the 2014 Femmy Awards sponsored by The Underfashion Club — tells “But you know what that’s about? It’s her diverting from the truth.”

“The thing that kills me the most with Kenya, that she said, ‘Vivica has built her career on being ghetto…’ I beg to differ,” Fox says. “I built my career on working with Oscar winners — from Jamie Foxx, to George Clooney, to Anne Hathaway.”

Fox uses her work history as an example to back up her words.

“My box office receipts speak for themselves,” she claims. “My brands speak for themselves. My resume speaks for itself.”

Unfortunately for Moore, Fox has her boxing gloves on now.

“I haven’t build my career on being ghetto and classless,” she says. “But if you need me to get ghetto and set it off on you, I will. I’m no punk. I’m not to be taken lightly.”

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She’s also 100% positive that Kenya stole her phone, which was not locked with a passcode, and tweeted that embarrassing menopause tweet.

“All of this camouflaging and diverting from the truth is that she stole my phone, hacked into my Twitter account and posted that message,” Fox says. “She did that. Trust me, I know she did that because I had to go out and buy another phone for $600.”

While people have questioned how Moore was able to steal the phone and log onto it, Fox says that it’s because she never put a lock on her phone.

“At the time, I did not because I’m used to working and being around people that I can trust,” she says. “There are times that I hand my phone to my assistant, to my hair or makeup artist, and I’m like, ‘Call such and such.’ I have legitimate businesses going on and I’m around people that I can trust.”

See what else Vivica had to say about Kenya on the flip.

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