SHE Confession #5: True Love…Absolute Truth or Myth

SHE Confession #5: True Love…Absolute Truth or Myth



SHE Confession #5: True Love…Absolute Truth or Myth

True Love…is it real? Does it truly exist?
Imaginably, it is easy to assume that it is just a fantasy or myth. Perhaps it
is merely something that great fairy-tales are made of. If True Love
is in fact real, does it ever last or does it simply wear off by some specific
time frame? Is it like a momentary phase that is sure to pass and guaranteed to
not linger on? Is it more like a grand facade  a huge deceptive web
filled with deception? A deceptive, delusional spell that disorientates it’s
victims into a distorted reality. Forcing you to wear rose tinted glasses with
a rosy outlook in tow. The tail end result are: gross misconceptions, huge
arguments, horrid break-ups. and bitter divorces.

This is coming from a person who has
waited for what appears to be centuries for True Love that is long lasting,
with a close resemblance to eternity. I have waited for True Love to show up
and show out, for True Love to show its exquisite and astonishing face. Yet, to
no avail…instead I was met with lack luster imposters who tried to mimic and do
their best at their rendition of what True Lasting Love should be.


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