SHE Confession #6: A Solemn Stance on Love

SHE Confession #6: A Solemn Stance on Love



SHE Confession #6: A Solemn Stance on Love

It’s been difficult to write about
relationships and my thoughts regarding them for quite some time lately. My
inability to do so wasn’t so much so that I had some sort of writer’s
block. It’s actually quite the opposite. I actually have so much to say or so
much on my mind regarding relationships as a whole. I’ve been boggled down
with my own personal feelings on the matter that, I have not been able to
funnel through it. I just can’t seem to make sense of it all, or where to
begin. Partly being, is that I’m learning to emotionally let go. Holding on to
a certain something or someone has been one of my biggest muse when it comes to
writing about relationships. Letting go of what had been my drug, my main
source of inspiration….my emotional addiction. It was one of the hardest
things I had to do and like with any addiction every new day is an entirely new
struggle. Holding on too long has been a downfall of mine.

I honestly have to say that there are truly
many depths of love. You can love people for totally different reasons.
However, when love is staring you in the face you truly know it without a
doubt. Love makes you want to give even when there is nothing to gain in
return. At the same time love can sting when it’s not returned in equal or even
a remote measure. While love can be so beautiful it can be equally dismal.  

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