SHE Confession #7: I Just Can't Anymore

SHE Confession #7: I Just Can't Anymore



I’m not feeling this between us anymore. I have been let
down and disregarded so many times in my past and now you too… Was it naive
of me to think you were incapable of doing the same? I guess…I have tried my
best to always be there for you when you needed someone to talk to, someone to
care or just simply be there. You know it really wasn’t no task at all, for I
hung onto every word that you so much as even uttered from your beautiful lips.
I thought I had the same in you but, in return you
disappointed me… You fell out of my life once again. You checked out once more.
As life with me became too much for you to bear you just simply stopped
calling. Not once did you seem to care what was going on with me. What you had
going on was all that seem to truly matter anyways.
Loving you was a certainty that I would be there. I
respected your need to do things differently and handle things your own way. At
the same time your actions forced me to realize what works for me and this
one-way surely doesn’t anymore. Walking out of my life and strolling back when
it is conducive for you…really?

During your hiatus I reached out to you because I needed
you, I needed someone to talk to, someone to just listen with care… Instead you
were nowhere to be found because, you were busy doing you. This last time you
showed up expecting to get back in, back to when we were at our ultimate high.
I just simply can’t keep doing this again and again, I just can no longer do
us. Not because I don’t love you anymore. Hell, I still do…maybe even more. I
just can’t endure the pain anymore. This whole thing has got me so weak…I
can’t foresee me ever trusting you as I once did and that is why I just can’t


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