She’s Tired Of Her Boss Asking For Sexual Favors So She Puts...

She’s Tired Of Her Boss Asking For Sexual Favors So She Puts Him On Blast On FB LIVE!


WHEN an employer started sexually harassing one of his female employees, she decided to expose him by broadcasting his behaviour live on Facebook.

As punishment for being charged with theft, 21-year-old Makana Milho was carrying out a six-day community service order.

facebook live harassment

Five days through her community service placement, Makana was harassed by her employer

While the transgender woman, from Hawaii, was undertaking the community work, she was supervised by 47-year-old Harold Vallanueva Jr.

After driving Makana to an empty car park, Harold told her she could leave earlier if she kissed and performed oral sex on him.

Surprised at the proposition, Makana clarified: “If I don’t do sexual stuff I’ll have to stay until 1 o clock?”

She also added: “I’m kind of uncomfortable.”

Even though Makana can be heard asking Vallanueva Jr. if she can go and get a condom from a friend, she claims that this was her attempt to get away from him.

facebook live harassment

Makana confessed that she said anything she could to get herself out of the situation

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Makana revealed: “The universe was spinning. I thought he could do basically anything to me. I felt my power was stripped away from me.”

Shockingly, Makana also managed to catch her employer admitting that he had asked other community service workers to perform sex acts on him, including a young mum.

Tagging the Honolulu Police Department in the Facebook clip, Milho explained: “I was doing my community service & this city and county of Honolulu employee told me to do sexual acts for him.

“He said if I told anyone they would not believe me because I’m a felon.

“I was uncomfortable and stuck all the way up on Royal summit in the city and county truck.

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“I said anything to keep him on his side of the truck until we got to a more public area. I decided to secretly record as proof and for my safety.

On top of that he spanked my butt. This isn’t right on so many levels.”

facebook live harassment

Makana tagged the police department in the post to incriminate the assailant
facebook live harassment

After arrest, Vallanueva Jr. was charged for the crime

When the police were alerted to the Facebook Live video, they arrested Vallanueva Jr. and charged him with fourth-degree sexual assault.

Even though there was enough evidence to find Vallanueva Jr. guilty of the crime, not everyone was sympathetic towards Makana.

The 21-year-old decided to remove the broadcast from her Facebook page after a commenter accused her of being a “prostitute” and encouraging the man’s advances.