SMH: 3-Year-Old Brooklyn Boy Beaten To Death With A Belt By Babysitting...

SMH: 3-Year-Old Brooklyn Boy Beaten To Death With A Belt By Babysitting Aunt




3-Year-Old Boy Beaten To Death With Belt

A 3-year-old boy was found dead in his aunt’s arms, covered in belt marks and bruises that she allegedly inflicted. Ethan Ali was found at his Brooklyn home on Wednesday while being babysat by his mother’s sister.

21-year-old Kristen Dale was taken into custody after her boyfriend called police around 1:30 p.m. — the time he found her holding the body of the lifeless boy inside the home.

Ethan’s grandfather, Leroy Ali, told New York Daily News that he had repeatedly had to tell both Kristen and her boyfriend to ease up on the way they punish the toddler with a belt while he was in their care:

“They did it all the time. They beat him and they beat him. He was always bruised. She beat him with the belt. I told her to stop.”

Despite this fact, The city Administration for Children’s Services reported having no prior known involvement with the family, police said.

Truly sad story. Our thoughts are with the family.


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  • Dawn Miller

    If they knew they were beating the child they should of stopped leaving him with them! That poor baby!