SMH: Mother Outraged As Chicago School Wraps Special Needs Student In Trash...

SMH: Mother Outraged As Chicago School Wraps Special Needs Student In Trash Bags And Isolates Him From Class




Chicago Mother Furious After School Wraps Son In Trash Bag

A mother was horrified to learn that her son’s new teacher had been wrapping him up in black trash bags — like a piece of garbage — and isolating him from the rest of the class due to his disability. Via Washington Post:

Five-year-old Lloyd Terry is non-verbal and epileptic, which often causes saliva to drop onto his clothing, his mother said. Despite packing several pairs of clothes and extra bibs for her son, Nyesha Terry said, Lloyd’s teacher opted to use a plastic bag to deal with his saliva instead.

Even though her son couldn’t express it to her, the result, Terry said, was utter humiliation.

“He can’t come home and say ‘this happened at school today mommy,’ ” Terry told The Washington Post. “It was heartbreaking to see my child separated from the other students and wearing a trash bag.”

Terry spoke with the teacher and assumed the issue had been resolved — until she returned to the school the next day and found her son outfitted in yet another trashbag and isolated from the class once again. She took him to the school’s office to file a complaint, but was hit with another shock of insensitivity:

After listening to her complaints, Terry said she received another shock when administrators asked her whether the bag’s appearance was what bothered her about the situation.

“I said, ‘It has nothing to do with how it looks!’ ” Terry recalled. “He could put the bag in his mouth, he could swallow part of it or he could suffocate because of the bag. He’s isolated and I’m concerned for his safety.”

Later, Terry said, another school official informed her that nowhere in the school’s guidelines is it written that a teacher cannot put a trash bag on a student.

SMH!! Of course, once Terry took the story public, the teacher was suddenly removed from the classroom and an investigation was launched. She has since had CPS assist her in finding a new, safer school for her child.

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So sad that this mother had to make such a fuss JUST to have her son treated like a human being at school!

Washington Post / Nyesha Terry


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