Someone Posted On Facebook The GENTLEMAN TEN COMMANDMENTS . . . Ten...

Someone Posted On Facebook The GENTLEMAN TEN COMMANDMENTS . . . Ten Things That EVERY MAN . . . Should Do For His Woman!! (Fellas . . . Would YOU Do All This??)



1. Every Sunday he should fill her car up with gas to get her through the week. A woman should NEVER have to pump nor pay for her own gas if she has a man!
2. He should set aside $75-100 a week for her hair, nails and feet. He should want his woman on point!
3. Although cooking it is optional, a woman should NEVER have to buy food. When she is hungry, her first call should be to him!
4. He should buy her at least one outfit per week or every other week depending on his financial situation.
5. A woman should be pleasured orally by her man four time a week…..minimum.
6. Her cell phone bill should be paid by him.
7. She should be taken on a date once a week, minimum.
8. She should be told I love you twice a day…minimum.
9. If she has a child by another man, you must step in and help raise that child without complaint.
10. You should do at least one kind/sweet gesture for her mother every month to honor her mother for bringing your lady into the world.




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