Teacher Caught Sending Thong Selfies To Student

Teacher Caught Sending Thong Selfies To Student



A Connecticut teacher has been accused of having engaged in sexual relationships with two students, and she reportedly sent one of them a selfie in which she posed in a thong.

Mother-of-two Allison Marchese, 37, teaches English at Daniel Hand High School and to make this whole situation worse her husband, 39-year-old Robert Marchese is also a teacher there!!

Apparently there were loads of ‘inappropriate texts’ including snaps of her in just a bra and thong.

It wasn’t just one… At least two students, age 15 and 17, have come forward to say they had improper relationships with the English teacher.

On one occasion she encouraged a student to take bathroom break so that he could come and visit her classroom, according to police.

She allegedly told him that she could not concentrate during class because he was so good-looking.


Robert Marchese, 39, who also teaches English at Daniel Hand has now filed for divorce against his wife. He is looking after their two children.

Marchese could face a maximum of 20 years in prison.

She denies sending the pics…

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