The-Dream Talks Third Marriage, Lil’ Wayne Calling Him Over Christina Milian &...

The-Dream Talks Third Marriage, Lil’ Wayne Calling Him Over Christina Milian & Overpaying His Babymothers On The Breakfast Club



This week, the singer-songwriter dropped by The Breakfast Club to dish on what else? Relationships! The three-times married hopeless romantic might still be caught in a nasty assault case between him and the mother of his youngest child, but he’s currently promoting his latest project 1977. Although The-Dream is currently facing charges for allegedly beating up his then-girlfriend while she was eight months pregnant, the newlywed is still remaining hopeful and very much in love with his new boo and wife, LaLonne.

The 37-year-old producer stopped by the show to not only discuss what makes his new marriage different from the rest, but also to offer up his support to his many exes, mainly ex-wife Christina Milian, who he reveals Lil’ Wayne called him for in order to get the “okay” to date. Hmm, interesting!

On How He Met his Current Wife

We met maybe years ago, like for awhile she would actually remind me that we met at the office of one of my friends, and I had no idea. It was just this random thing. She wasn’t seeking me out and I wasn’t seeking her out. It’s just one of those things. I ended up free, she ended up free and it’s like ‘Hey, you’re cool. I’ve had enough drama!’

On When He Knows a Woman is “the right one,” and Not Believing in Settling

I don’t think it’s a particular time. I guess it’s a feeling that kind of just comes over you of wanting to or seeing yourself with this particular person, the way that you are though, over the rest of your life. It’s just at that particular moment that you feel that way.

Unfortunately for a lot of people, especially today, when two people are growing, somebody can grow left and somebody can grow right. And it’s hard to maintain that particular moment that you were in. Even if it’s for two months or for four months and I kind of talk to people now just about maintaining exactly who you are. If that’s not you- Don’t go down the aisle and, moreso for women, don’t just say yes because your girl is looking at you and you wanna get married because your girl got married, you’re tired of being alone for Valentine’s Day and there is a guy standing in front of you with a ring. You don’t have to feel like you have to say yes just for the moment. You can say ‘You know what? I’m not ready? I’m not ready a lot of reasons.’

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The Dream and his wife 4
On What Makes His 3rd Marriage Different from the rest:

Yeah, you know I’m a hopeless romantic. At least this time I don’t have the drama around it. It’s cool.

Angela Yee: What makes it right this time?

It’s the non-drama kind. I don’t call you to see where you at. It’s that stuff. Y’all know what I’m talking about. It’s that uneasy thing, especially in this business; I need to be creative and do my thing. I don’t have that time for the nonsense.

Cthagod: Is it because she’s not in the industry?

That has a lot to do with it I think, yeah. Definitely.

I’m always ready to settle down. I’m built a certain type of way and y’all got me pegged all wrong but it’s all good.

On Him and Christina Milian Divorcing Over Family and Not Cheating

With Christina, it had more to do with a family thing than it had to do with me and her. So when, you have your combed out section of just you and the other person, you’re good. And usually it is good when it ‘s like that. And then when you add like four other personalities in it is, it turns into something else. So if the other person don’t know [how] to shield that off and they let it in, then usually you have a problem. I think most marriages end that way.

Dream: [Because] you’re marrying the family.

Cthagod: When do you know the marriage is over?

Dream: When you’re not happy anymore.

Angela: You don’t think people go through periods of unhappiness that they go through sometimes?

Dream: It’s not like you’re not trying to work through whatever it is. But it’s some stuff, you can use logic and common sense to come to a conclusion, you don’t supposed to-

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Angela: [they say] people cheat all the time-

Dream: people do cheat all the time but cheating wasn’t the reason [for me and Christina Milian’s divorce].

On Lil’ Wayne Calling Him Before Dating Christina Milian

We had one conversation. We don’t have conversations about having the same taste.

I didn’t say ‘why’ anything. I don’t ask people why they do [certain things]- everybody is grown. Do whatever you want to do. I don’t laugh about it. It just, is what it is. He put in a phone call to me. Just being a gentleman.

I wouldn’t do that to him [but] we’re two different personalities.

On the difference between fees and publishing in the music industry

I never really been in the fee business. I’ve been in the publishing business. Fees it’s like a ’90s type of thing where everybody is charging these ridiculous fees for one track at a time and I rather just get six or seven songs on an album because the publishing that equates over that amount exceeds the amount that you would get for a fee. You can kind of multiply it by 12 or 13.

You gave Christina Milian a piece of publishing… why not give her a fee? Because that publishing never stops, right?

Right, that’s why I gave it to her.

Does that slow down your child support payments?

Absolutely not.

You want your exes happy. Just let them go and be happy with whoever they gone be with.

On Overpaying His Baby Mothers

Charlamagne: What kind of money you’re at now per year? 

No comment.

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Charlamagne: Oh, I forgot you have babymamas so you can’t answer those kinds of question.

I can. Everybody’s overpaid.

On R&B Singers Being Degrading and Competing with Rappers

I think we like feeling ignorant most of the time and we like talking about ignorant things and we don’t have that love that they once had when I got a lot of whippings, like we don’t have that.

But you know, I have a problem with men, that are supposed to be R&B artists, talk about women in a certain type of way.

Charlamagne: Like these h*es ain’t loyal?

Call it what you want. But yeah, I just have a problem with that because you’re supposed to be like a cornerstone of the person uplifting love in that sense.

And so, for me, I think we like it. Because the same way you’re asking the question is not going to stop anyone from going to the club tonight and putting their hands up to something degrading.

They want to be rappers. And I think that’s one of the reason I’m not too concerned about what my [album] sales are because I still have to just be me. I can’t try to compete with what a rap guy would say or do. I think it’s actually more of the rappers that started singing. Then you have to compete with those too. Once that was okay to do, you’re kind of boxing R&B in because then you can’t have R&B and hip hop culture without going there.

On if He’d Let His Teenage Daughter Date a 25-Year-Old (Speaking of Kylie and Tyga)

Yeah. But I’m from the South so it’s different though.


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