The Henry Fordham Story The Story of a Black Man Who...

The Henry Fordham Story The Story of a Black Man Who Narrowly Escaped Being Lynched



2012 whites in Delaware Lynching Black Men

Louisiana-styled Cover-ups in Delaware

Frederick Jermaine Carter Lynched in Mississippi in 2010


This War Room would be unbelievable to most, except that we’ve done sufficient research and investigation to confirm it.  whites in Dover, Delaware are lynching Black men and the Delaware political “powers that be” are covering the stories up in hopes that the story will go away quietly.  The victims and the victims’ families have been diligently working to shine the light on this case, but the white liberal elite in Delaware are squashing this story with the racist fervor of a Mississippi/Louisiana kkk group.


Beau Biden – Attorney General of Delaware (VP Joe Biden’s Son)
(302) 577-8500


Vice President Joe Biden

Some people might have expected to see an increase in the overt lynching and murder of Black men by white extremists under the Obama administration due to the backlash of white right-wing conservative resentment.  What no one could have predicted is that the increase in white extremist murders of Black people would occur in liberal states such as Delaware.  More outlandish is the white liberal support for these atrocities under Barack Obama’s tenure.  In fact, many of the well-known liberal organizations are intentionally working to prevent the story from going public and/or knowingly turning a blind eye to it.

Dr. Jahi Issa and Children


Strangely enough our story begins at Delaware State University (DSU) with a Black Ph.D. Professor of African-American history named Dr. Jahi Issa.   Dr. Issa is a positive aberration in the Black community in many ways.  He is an established professor with a Ph.D. degree, who was working at an Historically Black College/University (HBCU), and has been married to a Black woman for many years.  He is also the proud father of (5) vibrant and healthy children.

Dr. Issa has spent a lifetime studying the history of Black people here and abroad.  While studying the major impact that HBCU’s have played in educating Black men and women throughout the history of this country, he discovered that there were times in history that white interest groups tried to destroy HBCU’s.  After much investigation and independent research, Dr. Issa realized that there is a current effort underway to convert HBCU’s into institutions that wear the name “Black”, but which primarily employ white and/or “accommodationist Negro” faculty and serve the interests of white students.  In other words, there is a legislative movement underway today to turn HBCU’s into white institutions that don’t serve Black students.

As any responsible steward of the Black community should do, he began informing the Black community of this push to destroy the Black middle class by destroying HBCU’s.  In September 2011, he authored a paper entitled, The Ethnic Cleansing of Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the Age of Obama (click the preceding link to read the paper).  Little did the Professor know his decision to make the public aware of this governmental push to destroy HBCU’s would make him a target of some of the most influential and powerful decision makers in this country.  What he did notice was that the abuse he had suffered at the hands of white professors at Delaware State University was intensifying after the publication of his article.

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Dr. Issa has documented and reported repeated acts of racial aggression from white faculty at Delaware State University over the course of his (3) years at the university.  According to reports, he was told on more than (1) occasion that he was “too Black” for the university and he was requested to resign.  Strangely enough, these accusations of his Blackness and the requests to resign came from whites at the university.  As the attacks from the whites (and some Negro accommodationists) at the school began to escalate, Dr. Issa’s story took a serious change in direction.


In December 2011, local residents report that the flyer above was distributed in downtown Dover, Delaware.  Dr. Issa was made aware of this flyer in February 2012.  He immediately began to lecture on the history of lynchings and why this flyer depicting the lynching of a Black man was something that Black people in the community should take seriously.  After gaining understanding of the relevance of this flyer and the history of lynchings in this country, the students at Delaware State University felt the need to pressure the local authorities to investigate the situation before it morphed into “real” incidents of white-on-Black violence.  Little did the students know how clairvoyant they would become.

In March 2012, the students planned an on-campus rally to protest the decreasing presence of strong, conscious, Black American professors at the university.  In fact, for the most part, the students felt like Dr. Issa was a dying breed of Black professor who understood the plight of Black youth in this country today and how to relate it to our historical Black struggle for progress.  From our current information, the only Black professor on the campus who was willing to support the students’ protest with his presence was Dr. Issa.  This has not been confirmed.  Before the protest got underway, the students were reportedly approached by the campus police.  While standing on the campus in support of the protest, Dr. Issa reports that he was attacked by campus police.  While they were in the process of arresting him, he became ill and fell to the ground.  He requested an ambulance.  The video below captures the incident live as it occurred.


Delaware State Police Assault Dr. Issa

As you can see, the students were shocked to see the only professor on the campus who supported them being attacked by campus police.  Dr. Issa was taken to the hospital where he was arrested on his hospital bed and taken to jail.  According to the professor, the police coerced (threatened him with violence) him into signing a document agreeing not to return to the campus.  They charged him with a group of ridiculous misdemeanors and eventually let him out of jail.

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In the months after this incident, Dr. Issa, unable to return to the campus for work, began spending more time with his children.  He began routinely walking them to a local park.  In May, his wife informed him that she heard from the whites on her job that a man had been lynched a day before in the same park that he frequented with his children.

Silver Lake Park in Dover, Delaware


Silver Lake Park in Dover, Delaware


When Dr. Issa heard his wife’s story, he was in disbelief.  Soon after, he went to his barber shop to check out the story.  When he got there, he asked if anyone had heard of a Brother being lynched.  The Brothers in the barber shop informed him that his former barber, Johnny Lorenzo Clark, was dead and that the police claimed that he hung himself from a tree.

(Johnny Lorenzo Clark was lynched in May 2012 somewhere in Silver Lake Park.  According to his mother, the family was contacted in May and informed by the police that Mr. Clark “[hung himself from a tree with his own belt in Silver Lake Park.”]  The family didn’t believe that Mr. Clark would do this to himself.  However, the case received no publicity and was ruled a suicide.) 


The Mother of Johnny Lorenzo Clark Shares Her Sentiments



Rev. Anna Watson Local Community Activist

Speaks on Lynchings & Racism in Dover, Delaware


This was the first time that Dr. Issa linked the flyer he saw in February 2012 to a real incident in the city of Dover, Delaware.  Astonished that a situation like this could occur in a northern city well-populated with Black people, Dr. Issa began organizing the Black community to push the local authorities to investigate this lynching.  He received little assistance and most of the Black people he reached out to were down right scared to participate.

As the Summer was coming to a close, Delaware State University fired the Professor for a reason unclear to anyone who is familiar with the situation.  His performance ratings have been consistently outstanding and he is one of the most respected and well-loved instructors on the campus – especially by the progressive Black student body. However, before the university fired Dr. Issa in August 2012, Delaware State University’s Office of General Council offered to drop all of the charges (which had to be signed off on by Beau Biden) if Dr. Issa agreed to accept blame in the police assault and arrest.  The request is provided below for your review.

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While being unemployed and responsible for caring for a wife and (5) children, he continued to fight for justice for Brother Clark (his ex-barber who had been lynched in Dover, Delaware in May 2012).  In September 2012, he became aware that another Brother named Henry Fordham had been kidnapped and that his (2) white assailants had tried to lynch him.  This Brother narrowly escaped with his life.  We went to Dover, Delaware to interview Brother Fordham and he told us his heroic story of surviving a modern-day lynching in September 2012.


The Henry Fordham Story

The Story of a Black Man Who Narrowly Escaped Being Lynched

Dover, Delaware  September 2012

This Video Contains Graphic Accounts of Violence and Profanity
Parental Discretion Is Advised


Part 2 – The Police Response and Cover-Up


Community Leader Confirms the Story of Mike & John


When Brother Fordham came forward, Dr. Issa realized why the Delaware State University campus police, the administration, the white liberal faculty, the Delaware State’s Attorney’s Office, and the Negro accommodationists were aligned against him.  He had stumbled upon (2) major stories that the “powers that be” in Delaware do not want to go public:

  1. There is an organized plan by the rich white liberal elite in this country to dismantle HBCU’s and destroy the Black middle class entirely so they can push our future generations into the prison industrial complex.  The legislation is being finalized in December 2012 to make this happen.
  2. There is a known practice of lynching Black men in Delaware that the white liberal governing bodies are intentionally hiding from the public.  It appears that most of the targets are Black males who are either known to be in the streets, practicing Muslims, or both.


Dr. Jahi Issa Tells His Courageous Story

Brother Jahi Issa – Modern Day Black Freedom Fighter


Having revealed the white liberal-sponsored movement to disenfranchise Black people in this country and having uncovered a system of white-on-Black lynching in Dover, Delaware, Dr. Issa is now under tremendous pressure.  He is facing jail time apparently for not getting up after the Delaware State police assaulted him.  He is a jobless father of (5) struggling to feed his family.  And he is a modern-day Black crusader who is traveling the national college circuit telling his story and warning our people of the threat to HBCU’s.

If you want to help our Brother in his righteous fight to save HBCU’s and thus protect the future of Black economic and political survival, or if you want to help stop the lynchings of Black men in Delaware and bring the culprits to justice, these are a few things that you can do: