The Mother Who Killed Two Of Her Kids For Molesting The Youngest...

The Mother Who Killed Two Of Her Kids For Molesting The Youngest Tells Her Story


Mitchelle Blair, 35, reportedly beat her 9 year old son Stephen Berry to death in 2012, then nine months later she suffocated her daughter Stoni Blair who was 13 after finding out they were raping her youngest child. It is said after each of the murders, she stuffed the child’s body in deep freezer. Listen to her bone-chilling story on why she did it.
Mitchelle Blair

Stephen Berry and Stoni Blair

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  • dick


  • 2uppathick

    I truly understand her, i’ll be on death row. That judge will never understand, what would the judge do if her child acted out like that.

  • Sinead Love

    Y’all know, that’s that lead in the water out there in Michigan that’s causing these mental defects in both mother and children. The government knows this. They think it’s funny. Enrich yourselves, become entrepreneurs in order to be in position of POWER to fight these DEVILS!! Level up my people! Lead poisoning is real!!

  • Nicole king

    So what was excuse for abusing the one she claim she was protecting and her oldest child to please

  • kluv

    Regardless of what your children do wrong, you educate them. At their age if this is true, they were simply modeling behavior. Who did this to them, where did they learn this. And why in black culture do we find violence, and in this case, a justifiable approach, to misguided adolescent behavior. These were still children who died in a most undignified, and horrific manner by their mother. If that was truly her reason, shame on her, for not assessing, where the abuse origin came from.

  • Rowena Andrews

    Where was her parenting BEFORE all this occurred and to the intensity? She is obviously mentally ill.

  • Rowena Andrews

    Got to be a factor…her mental reasoning is tangled and twisted and broken.

  • Amama5

    U got to be joking?? U would kill your other children?? I waa molested by my brothers when i waa little but i could never imagine sitting there mother kill them they are kids themselves! Wtf is wrong with u! Now its one thing if u had a 5 year n other kids were 18 or older n they are raping u would call the cops! But really kill them especially a slow death u are fucking twisted. I hope u dont have kids if u do i guess we will be seeing u on here real soon. U sick fuck

  • Amanda

    How can anyone kill there own babies? The other 2 did very wrong b ur they were babies themselves. Whoever agrees with this mom is sick n needs help. I mean the siblings were not late teens early 20s they were little themselves call the cops! Get them help send them.away something. She drug the death out. Not even a quick death but she got a sick joy out of watching these babies suffer u gotta be a sick person to hear ur babies pleading n crying for u to stop ( im sure they begged hwr to stop n they cried n screamed in pain) maybe i can somewhat understand beating the shit out of them n them call the cops and say i need help im about to kids and then tell.them whats going on but fuck shes worse them the lids.who molested the sibling. N again for years this was going on n never oncw caught them i dunno i am calling bullshit

  • Tamara

    To be honest no one can judge her on her actions! Her children were doing unspeakable things to her youngest you put urself in that woman’s shoes and walk a mile then speak. However she dealt with the situation, she dealt with it in her own way. It’s her children her life and no one can judge her path of action. No one on this earth is perfect only God can judge her actions. Leave the woman alone. The same way she bought her two kids in the world she can take them out!.

  • Ms M

    I wholeheartedly agree

  • Kevin Browne

    your an ass DO u have any fucking kids do u know everything your kids do. your an ass

  • Kevin Browne

    with all the back and forth on here one can only imagine what this little kid went through with his sister and brother raping him its not a good feeling to be going through this at a young age, now i dont think its her will to do justice like that but everyone look at shit different such as the comments on here…Now i do be telling my baby mother if my son comes and call me or when he comes to me tells me his butt is hurting i told his mother i would whoop her ass then who ever did as a parent no one can tell what one will do cause of that boiling and raging hurt…we still have to take into consideration the mental condition of the raped little boy/child.. so how do we explain this when he grows up to become a raper or something like this..there is no right in any of this and its all wrong NOW @ROWENA again your a ficking ass, One can never be on or around there kid/kids 24/ your post is a NONE Muther Fucking Factor cause your DUMP…so QUESTION who can we Blame for you being this Stupid.

  • Mrs Parker

    Just listening to this was very disturbing and chilling to me.. shes psychotic ..shes trying to justify what she done to her kid was right .. i won’t judge her but i will pray for her.. may God have mercy..

  • Thomas Pane

    Its your kids. Despite what they do, you don’t kill them.

  • dfernandes

    This has got to be one of the most evil women in America. She has no remorse and it is my belief that she made this entire story up and is just a sick animal.

  • dfernandes

    Are you crazy? Did you listen to the entire testimony. If not, go back and listen to it. She’s deflecting because she is a child murderer. You are sick if you feel murder is the answer when you can’t solve a problem, especially murdering a child. There were so many ways this could have played out if indeed any of it were true.

  • dfernandes

    If it was true.

  • Renee D. Edwards

    She has no right matter if she gave birth to them or not to kill them!! She is a murder straight out!! She systematically tortured and killed not one but two of her kids!! Also there is absolutely not colaborating evidence or testimony to help her story!! I honestly don’t believe her and I listed to the whole thing!!

  • Renee D. Edwards

    I’m sorry but I flat out don’t believe her!! She was abusive to all her kids! The fathers tried to get their kids from her and she fought them at every turn!! She systematically tortured and killed her kids and in order to justify this she comes up with this story about the molesting the youngest one! Now mind you I am the mother of 4! 3 young men and I young lady and if at any time one would have told me the other molested them and I could verify this I probably would have killed them on the spot or at least tried! This bitch tortured and killed her kids over days and weeks!! Think about it!!

  • Mike

    Yes she should know everything her kids do. Its called parenting!

  • Mike

    Bullshit, you have double standard. One hand you say only God can judge her then you say she can judge her children. Bullshit.

  • Nichole Hayman

    Right or wrong they were kids and clearly they had some issues. She wasn’t wrong for what they did, but she was wrong for deciding that those children deserved to die. They never had the chance to redeem themselves and say sorry and to me she stopped being their mother when her instincts led her to take their lives after she judged them. I pray for her soul because she will live with this for the rest if her life. I also pray for the child’s soul that this happened to then he/she lost their siblings as well as mother. Smh….#Tragic

  • Joanne Kelly

    Id have killed them too…imagine the evil and damage they’d have done as adults if they were capable of that as children and yes i do have children and if one done on the other something so horrifying i wouldn’t think twice about it

  • Joanne Kelly

    So hand on ur heart u can honestly say ur parents knew everything u did growing up?? What a boring assed life u must have had

  • Renee

    Terrifying I feel for the mother, if anyone hurt any of my baby’s I would no doubt be so enraged that I could possibly kill them. What a fucked up piece of shit thing to do to a 6 year old boy, who knows what kind of more sick things they could have lived on to do! Can’t rehabilitate fucked up human beings like that! Sick

  • Rowena Andrews

    You obviously don’t or you are letting your kids raise each other unstead being the stupid ass you looking for you better go watch your damn kids or go get some real knowledge because all three should be passing on that behavior undetected little dummy. You must have been done by one of yours to explain all this away. Nutjob.

  • Rowena Andrews

    You obviously don’t or you are letting your kids raise each other instead being the stupid ass (cause it’s obvious you don’t know real parenting) you are looking for, you better go watch your damn kids, tuck them in bed, check on them or upgrade your dumb behind and get a nannycam and please go get some real knowledge because all three should not have the liberty or years to be passing on that behavior undetected little dummy. You must have been done by one of yours to explain all this away. Nutjob.

  • Rowena Andrews

    Well not everything, we know kids will do things behind our backs but the severity of this situation surely there would have been signs. As Dfernandes said this is a child murderer who is deflecting. Obviously she was/is not mentally capable of parenting these children or any others. There probably was abuse which escalated because of her escalating rage at her entire situation, hence the bedwetting and the older sister exploring with the child to the point of escalating sexual abuse. If as he said, if it was even true.

  • Rowena Andrews

    I’m with you. How is analyzing & telling the truth about a situation of child murder(s) even considered judgement? That using God’s words out of context is a thing so many of us do but this is crazy. The word also saying “Thou shall not kill” and if you see your brethern doing wrong, go to them and confront and if they don’t correct tell someone. She took that option away and now we can discuss cuse if anybody thinks that you should not be able to tell if sexual abuse is going on in your children’s bedrooms to this level and that it is easy to miss then you are missing something. Use this case to tell people to watch your kids and ask them questions and discuss healthy behavior with them. They will do stuff behind your backs but honestly to this level? She is mentally ill.

  • Rowena Andrews

    At first I snapped back at you but then deleted them because it’s obvious you are deflecting a lot of anger. You obviously don’t know about true parenting or you are letting your kids raise each other. Or You must have been done by one of yours to explain all this away. Don’t get angry get some help. This is devestating and affects people for life. If so, it wasn’t the kids fault nor yours, parents should watch their kids, tuck them in bed, check on them. Today’s parents realize that they need moments when they are not able to watch them and get nannycams. All three of those kids should not have had the liberty or years to be passing on that behavior undetected. Praying for families like this because it’s more common than we think. If it’s even true because she is also psychotic. A loving parent would have corrected the problem or got help or let the daddy have them.

  • Rowena Andrews

    She didn’t judge kill them out of judgement but she tortured them and killed the supposedly innocent one who was doing ehat she said his sister taught him. That said, yes you have to pray for them.

  • Angel

    It is truly sad to think it is alright to take the life of your child despite whatever they do. They were babies them self so whatever was done it was introduced to them from someone or somewhere. They needed mental help not physical because hurt people intend to hurt others sometimes unknownly. For those who have kids and speaking of killing their own as well you need to really evaluate your mindset. I Can’t speak on her as a parent because everyone have problems and issues but there are always different ways to go about situations regardless the severity even if cost time to think it’s better than losing and taking a life.

  • Rowena Andrews

    Got a few better questions for you. You know I know why you are attaching to me right? It’s my job training, it’s pretty advanced. Academically and psychologically. P is not near D so….you also tell her not be telling her…and it’s rapist…who is short on comprehension? Again, I see you are an adult survivor of sexual abuse so go get some help…I saw that this issue is personal to you. Who can we blame for your rage at my opinon of “undetected child abuse”? Makes me wonder if you were the child getting abused. It’s good you haven’t grown to abuse. Who did this to you? That’s who you are angry with and stop terrorizing your baby’s mother. You have not healed. Go tell it to a counselor because raging at me or on here will not help you and the people in your life. I can imagine what you are putting your baby momma through…probably domestic violence too.

  • Rowena Andrews

    I don’t know if she made up the whole story because it definitely happens. I do agree she is a sick animal and no telling what caused her to become sick to this level. However, evil took a hold of her.

  • Jeanie M Ward-Coudriet

    She claimed when she was young she was y the molested, so with that and it looks like she has mental issues, I wonder if maybe she somehow sewed the idea in some or all her kids about molesting, and the youngest made up things as to either not get into trouble for something, or other reasons, to keep in favor with the mom, there could be many reasons why the kids would lie! But no matter, these are your kids! How cruel and cold she was! Shame noone came to these poor childrens rescue ! Just pray surviving kids are okay!

  • Jeanie M Ward-Coudriet

    No reason at all to insult! People can disagree without calling names! Its being an adult!

  • JewelsP

    Me being molested as a kid by a family member myself didnt tell my mom what was going on until i was an adult. It was a part of my healing process. I truly do not believe this woman is lying. Whether you all know it or not things like this are very common in single parent and broken homes. No i dont agree with killing the children at all. However i will say that idk what id do in a situation like it so i can not say whether her anger got the best of her or not. The only question i have is like a few other people are saying how could all this go on for years unnoticeable.? My mom worked long hard hours which gave my attacker/offender time to do the things they done to me. Whats her excuse? Im not judging at all because its not my place but this woman was hurt. She was angry and hurt because as a mother you need to understand that we dont ever want our child(ren) in a perdicament as such. Her emotions were probably everywhere. Like why didnt you tell me? Where did i go wrong? How could they do this? Those are the exact same questions my mother asked ne when she learned of my abuse. People just need to take a min and consider the fact that maybe she wasnt fully competent due to her living situation but whos to say she wasnt in the same boat as my mom trying to keep a roof over there heads meanwhile secretly sacrificing her son to her other children. Those children were at the age that they knew better. Imma say this then ill leave it alone, i got 1 son and i wish a mf would. Daughter or not im takin ya ass down through there. Probably wont kill you but ill get damn near close to.

  • Marty

    It really is impossible to know EVERYTHING anyone does in your house. That would require you to have them in your physical presence 24/7. It is not possible. I am a wife, parent and grand parent and I have to be honest about that.

  • Marty

    She should have gotten intervention for sure. It does sound like there are some serious mental issues as well. Regardless, it’s sad all around. And I totally concur, this type of things occurs frequently. Remember the very wealthy Menendez brothers in Beverly Hills?

  • Rowena Andrews

    Yes I do…and now we have a a couple this year too. The little girl just got off last month! People are always hollering “I don’t believe it (past sexual abuse) because they didn’t tell, or ask “why didn’t they tell?”. It amazes me because more people do not tell than do…many people will read something like this and feel guilty knowing it happened to them and they didn’t tell (me, until I was a teenager because my sibling was the first victim and in her shame, she fought me from telling) or they did it to a child themselves. Why? Society and Family is relentless! We saw other (children) whose abusers were caught being dragged through the mud by people (adults and children) calling them whores, daddy fkers, etc. Placed in girl’s homes where they fought for their lives (Chi Town). Your self esteem is already shot, you know you can’t take it. Those kids experienced something that made them pass this down as normal. Her shame and anger made her take them out. Me, I fought the man, tried to poison him once, and took care of myself from 6th grade on…worked a job from 3 to 11 after school. my mother and adult survivor, just shut her eyes of awareness until she told me they were getting back together after he had been caught with another woman. I went off, to protect my baby sister. Protection or victimizing…that’s what we had down from these issues. Something is not right with the whole story. I myself can just now talk in public to help others. This mess has got to be confronted & stopped. R.I.P. little ones.

  • alaya Johnson

    The daughter had to have learned that behavior from somewhere im not saying the mother but someone that was in her life.And although we say there was different ways it cud have been different we dont know she cud have had that happen to her so she blacked out most people wouldnt know what do until it happened to them.

  • BadlandsBabe

    …Newsflash… I’m here to inform you that this way of dealing be it this tragedy, or all the many other issues life puts in our path, goes well beyond black culture. Your question should be, “Why in ANY culture do we find violence a justifiable approach to misguided adolescent behavior?”
    This is by far NOT only or primarily a black culture problem, the reality is this way of approach is alive & well & thrives in every culture… Some just do a better job of keeping hidden & shame on them.
    Our kids aren’t born this way, they don’t come into the world this way. If this story is infact true, obviously these children themselves were abused in the same manner & where the hell was she? Not protecting her babies or maybe she knew about it & did nothing to keep some loser around she was then having sex with too or there’s a possibility she herself was or had abused her kids in that fashion, regardless, they mimick what they’re shown, taught, & have done to them. That’s what children do…
    It’s sad we live in a society where parenting children is down played & not seen as an important priority but, rather is put on the back burner. Parenting successful & productive children is a JOB, raising respectful, compassionate, intelligent, law abiding people doesn’t just happen. You reap what you sow. Children aren’t meal tickets, their people, their our future & those who don’t realize that parenting is in fact serious business, plain & simple just should NEVER pro-create. In a society in which we have plenty of ways to prevent it there are no excuses. If you plan on outsourcing your parenting responsibility to other’s & have no regard as to who you leave your children with & what’s taking place too & around them & you’re not adult enough to choose your children over loser partners who don’t have interestare only in your life to provide sex or molest your kid’s… This is sadly how it can play out. These kids died at the hands of this monster because she’s a guilty coward. Hell yes, she’s mentally ill but, that’s no excuse to murder children her lazy ass brought into this world that she had no business having in the first place. God bless their souls because they were just another by product of what’s taking place everyday in a society that doesn’t see fit to raise their children by setting the example they should follow & then have the nerve to murder your children because they did what they’d been shown & taught. If anything she should have killed herself.

  • Rowena Andrews

    Yes I do. Now the Black girl who just snapped and killed her dad after years of secret abuse. They just let her go.