The Night the Dance Ended

The Night the Dance Ended



The Night the Dance Ended

I’m sure finding love is attainable at any age. However, is there
an expiration date on this whole dating thing? At what point is it possible to
consider that one may be getting a pinch too old for this? Is there a point
where one realizes they should have settled down with that special someone long
ago? That point where one is forced to leave the game. Not because you wanted
to but, because the game has forcefully retired you.
American Horror Story character, Fiona Goode played by (Jessica
Lange) has this compelling scene in the episode appropriately named “The
Replacements” that depicts this exact realization. It takes place in a
dark Louisiana lounge. Fiona sits at the bar sipping her choice of spirits,
while inhaling her surroundings as she exhales the smoke from her ciggy. She
sits alone and unnoticed while the younger women at that very same bar are
being approached. Suddenly, a handsome man comes towards her smiling. She takes
note and prepares to be acknowledged only to realize that handsome man was
making his way to the more youthful woman seated beside her. Feeling a bit
foolish, it is then that she comes to the realization that she is an aging
woman who no longer possess the “it” factor she once had. Her outer
beauty has matured and to her dismay it’s fading more rapidly that she would
like to accept.
 (As she sips her drink her thoughts are narrated and she
looks around the room
 “It’s a dance, a dance no one ever had to teach me. A
dance I’ve known since I first saw my reflection in my father’s eyes. My
partners have been princes and starving artists, Greek gods and clowns. And
every one of them certain they lead. But it’s always my dance. I make the first
move, which is no move at all. I’ve always just understood that they will
eventually find themselves in front of me. Primitive, beautiful animals. Their
bodies responding to the inevitability of it all. It’s my dance and I have
performed it with finesse and abandon with countless partners. Only the faces
change. And all this time, I never suspected the night would come when the
dance would end.”

When do you think your dance should end or will you dance until
your inner music stops?

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