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[The Unedited Interview] Kanye On Tyga and Kylie Jenner: ‘I think they are in love!’




Kanye-West-Breakfast-Club-2015-4Kylie Jenner and TygaConspiracy or nah?

It appears  Kanye West’s entire interview with ‘The Breakfast Club’ this morning didn’t exactly make the final cut- both on air and online from Power 105.

In the 57+ minute interview posted on The Breakfast Club website today, there were a few seconds that were shaved off and have been floating around the web, particularly the part where Kanye responds to his thoughts on rapper Tyga dating his baby sister in law, Kylie. In the original interview, you can hear an awkwardly long pause when the show asked Kanye’s thoughts on Tyga and Kylie’s relationship:

Charlamagne: Do you feel his relationship with your sister in law is inappropriate?

I think that- that’s a good question right there- [Takes a long pause]

I think he got in early. I think he was smart. They are closer in age than a lot of relationships than I know. I knew Tyga was smart.

Well, apparently that long pause was Power 105.1FM editing out Yeezy saying that Kylie and Tyga were in love.   His first response on the Kylie/Tyga relationship was:

“I think that- that’s a good question right there. I think they’re in love, man, You can’t tell nobody, you know. You can’t speak to nobody…”

We wonder why they’d edit that out, especially since Tyga stopped by the show 2 days before to address the Amber Rose drama and had Charlamagne “Google” and confirm that the age of consent for an adult to date a minor was “17 years old.” — at least in New York City.

The world thought I left Chyna and my family to be with Kylie and I think that is the main problem everyone has.

Not for the fact that maybe the age that she is [is 17]. Because if I decided I wanted to date her right now in New York, the age of consent in New York is what? Can you Google it?

What’s the age of consent in New York? We’re just saying if I wanted to [laughs]

Charlamagne (while googling): Age of consent in NY is 17!

Tyga: 17? (smiles) So, there you go! If I wanted to. But, you know.

I think she’s beautiful young woman. And I think maturity and mentality is different from a lot of people.

Elsewhere in the interview, he also claimed he was not dating Kylie:

It’s crazy. I’ve been knowing her and her family a long time. In black culture, if you hang around somebody you smashing them but white culture is different. They’re really friends…like yo, ‘This is my friend.’ It’s genuine; it’s different. How we think is a little different; our mentality. For me, if I say I’m friends with her and I’m friends with her sister, they’re hoes or we smashing them. It’s like we’re really friends. I respect her mom and family.

Hmm, we wonder what the issue is? Did Kanye place a call up to the station and request that part be edited out? We need answers! Coincidentally, after Kanye’s interview was released this morning, Tyga posted a photo of Kylie on Instagram with the caption:

Your beauty never goes unnoticed. One of the best/dopest person in my life.

FullSizeRender(3) Read Kanye’s full interview here and listen to the erased clip below:

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