There’s A New MASSAGE SERVICE Becoming Popular Among WEALTHY Women It’s...

There’s A New MASSAGE SERVICE Becoming Popular Among WEALTHY Women It’s Called ‘ORGASMIC MEDITATION’ Would You TRY IT???


 Nowadays, women have more money than ever – and more STRESS too. So it makes sense that he new “Orgasmic Meditation” trend would start taking off in this environment.

Orgasmic Meditation is a massage technique which involves women paying trained practitioners to touch their private parts in order to reach a ‘larger state of consciousness’ while also “improving intimacy” and “increasing your orgasm skills.”

The Group masturbation sessions, known as “nests”, involve women stripping down from their underwear and having a practitioner massage their clitoris for 15 minutes straight while being watched by other members of the group.

Founder of Orgasmic Meditation, Nicole Daedone, is quoted as saying, “The female orgasm is vital for every single woman on the planet.”

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  • Money Brown


  • woodiemeally

    Haha, I think you’re planning to try it.

  • woodiemeally

    I think it’s just another word for Prostitution. Prettied up.

  • Jessica Griffen

    Actually, I have known people who have practiced this and the place it originated from and this article is entirely untrue, well at least in the details. From what I’ve seen, people rarely pay for this and it is not considered a service, it is a practice. What generally is paid for are the classes to learn the technique or for a coach to come to you or your and your partners home and train you. Many times people just starting in this practice usually just practice with thier own partner. As you become more comfortable there are group OMing sessions, often $10 donation, where you come with your own pillows and make your own nest with the pillows to support you and your partner. The event is not called a nest. You can choose to trade partners of you wish. As you feel more comfortable it is encouraged. There are usually two 15 min sessions, often people switch to another person for the second session. It is slow mindful stroking of the woman’s clitoris. However the goal is definitely not actually orgasm! Unlike what this article states. Most people think or orgasm as a climax. If that naturally happens, that is ok, but the practice in essence is meant to be goal less to keep the woman present and in her body focusing on sensation. It is a goal less sensual meditation practice that can be very healing. The idea is about increasing orgasm in your life with this practice. It’s not taking about having more climax, rather it’s using the term orgasm as a more heightened state of being. Being connected to this life in the present moment and feeling every sensation clearly in your body. Being truly alive. Anyways, just wanted to clear some of these details up as this article did a poor job portraying what this practice is about. Feel free to look into it more yourself. I dated someone in the past who was involved in this community and have tried the practice and have seen it be good for many. Definitely not for everyone but also not anything close to prostitution either. Just wanted to clear that up for those who wanted to know more and not the sexualized shock version this article portrays.

  • Jessica Griffen

    Oh also people are not voyeuristicly watching you. There are others in the room involved with their partners, but no one is sitting there watching you.

  • Aleeshia

    So anyone know where these classes are being taught? I would love to have a deeper connection like this with my fiance. Is there something like this for men that I can learn??

  • Flo

    Like a handjob?

  • LOL. you are so perfect.

  • Merionsiver35

    jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeediiiiiiiiiiiiii miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii govnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa how about that

  • Merionsiver35

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  • Adam

    Funny how whenever women are obsessed with sex and masturbation they do classes in it and it’s regarded as “beautiful”, “natural” and “educational” and it should be paid for by participating groups who may not even know each other. I guess this is fair if people also think of male sexuality and male masturbation in the same way, and male masturbation also has paid courses where women bring orgasms to men they don’t know and have paid to touch?

  • Leon Brown

    Is this real? this seems made up…