These Friends Ain’t Loyal: Karrueche & Chris Brown’s Baby Mama Nia Used...

These Friends Ain’t Loyal: Karrueche & Chris Brown’s Baby Mama Nia Used to Party Together [Photos]




To us, Chris Brown’s baby mama Nia came out of nowhere. But to Karrueche…she’s been around for quite some time.

In fact, the two used to party together — along with Karrueche’s bestie Christina Milian — who happens to be BFFs with Nia as well.

Christina Milian Chirs Brown Trey

It didn’t take long for the Internet to start doing some major digging, and as it turns out Nia has been right in front of our face this entire time! The top photo was taken during a Las Vegas pool party in May 2013.


If you do the math (9-month-old baby + 9-month-pregnancy), Nia got pregnant with Chris’ baby later that SAME summer.

Here’s how this tangled web of friendship get interesting….

via The YBF:

The man who thought he was the father of Breezy’s supposed daughter is ALLEGEDLY J Prince Jr. He is the son of Rap-A-Lot founder James (Jay) Prince.  

You’ll recall, C-Milli was engaged to a man named Jas Prince (above) last year. Jas is also the son of James Prince and he actually owns YEMG (Young Entrepreneurs Money Gang) Records. His brother J Prince Jr. claims to be the CEO of YEMG, so that’s how C-Milli and Nia connected. Peep the YEMG hats Nia (and Christina) have both been spotted wearing. 

Stay tuned…this gets juicier by the minute!

[via TMZ]


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