'This dress is why I have trust issues' and 10 other hillarious...

'This dress is why I have trust issues' and 10 other hillarious Amazon reviews of #thedress



A blue and black dress has been confusing the Internet and sparking brilliant Amazon reviews.

LONDON — Amazon’s reviews are often brilliant, but one page in particular is worth keeping an eye on at the moment.

The product page for a white and gold blue and black dress has been bombarded with comment comedy since the Internet lost its mind over the issue of the item’s colour.

The dress, which is available from Roman Originals for £50 ($77), has sparked fierce online debate over whether it’s blue and black or white and gold.


Reviewers on Amazon have since done the honours:

The disgruntled

The desperately sad

The navel gazing

The conspiracy theories

The pseudo-intellectual

The downright weird

The truth telling

Incidentally, the blue and black dress looks white and gold because it’s overexposed.

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