Trump: 8,789,435 Welfare Benefit Recipients To Be Eliminated By Early 2017

Trump: 8,789,435 Welfare Benefit Recipients To Be Eliminated By Early 2017

Credit: Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images
Credit: Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images

Washington – On Tuesday morning, the world found out that Donald J. Trump has been elected as President. While any Americans are in disbelief that the real estate tycoon is now Commander in Chief, Trump has began to lay out his plans for American once he is sworn into the White House.

Trump officials told reporters that he’s diligently working to ‘Make America Great Again’ by eliminating a massive amount of welfare benefits for millions of Americans in efforts to get people back to work.

The president elect told reporters during a brief press-conference that the specifics regarding the cut backs are in progress but are not finalized, however he anticipates that the federal government will eliminate close to 6 million benefits, currently provided to families across America by March 2017.

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According to economists throughout the United States, a massive cut in public assistance benefits does not come as a shock and has been anticipated for several years. According to Dr. Johnathan Levitz, an economics professor at Stanford University, many professionals within his industry blame President Obama for unprecedented amount of Americans currently on welfare. Dr. Levitz told a Fox reporter that economists often make a seemingly clear connection between the over-saturation of welfare recipients and Obamacare introduced by President Obama encouraging individuals to avoid looking for steady employment.

According to officials, the welfare cuts will impact approximately 8,789,435 Americans. The cut back is anticipated to impact millions of impoverished Americans. The mass-cut of welfare benefits will impact approximately 8% of the current amount of Americans currently living in households taking federal welfare benefits according to data collected from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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According to government officials, several alternative solutions were explored while attempting to solve the current over-saturation of welfare recipients, including a uniform decrease in benefits. The mass-cut in welfare benefits was widely viewed as the most promising solution for future growth and stability. Though this cut will impact all 50 states, select states are anticipated to terminate a larger volume of benefits per capita.

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President-Elect Trump concluded his early-morning press conference by informing reporters that he anticipates the details surrounding the cut in welfare benefits to be finalized by early February 2017