Trump’s Kids Will Hunt With You, For A Million Dollars…

Trump’s Kids Will Hunt With You, For A Million Dollars…


“If the Trump family’s grifting did not cheapen America’s highest political office and signal to the world that our soon-to-be-first family views the nation’s wealth as a bountiful harvest for a kleptocratic regime, one would almost have to admire its shamelessness.

The latest example of the Trumps’ likely intent to profit from their patriarch’s administration comes to us via TMZ. The gossip site recently got its hands on an invitation to a fundraiser, called the “Opening Day Event,” set for the day after the upcoming inauguration and aimed at the hunting, shooting and fishing communities that supported Donald Trump’s presidential run. The fundraiser’s proceeds will go towards “conservation charities.”

And hoo boy, are the Trumps asking people to pony up. There are several levels of charitable giving for donors. The top one, called the “Bald Eagle,” promises a multiday hunting and fishing expedition for four guests with Donald Trump Jr. and his brother Eric, among other goodies, in exchange for a cool $1 million donation.

Or for a measly $500,000, a “Grizzly Bear” donor can score a multiday hunting and fishing expedition with the Trump brothers, but for only two guests. Other donors can score access to a VIP lounge at the event and an “Outfitter’s Pro Package with commemorative custom details,” whatever that is.”*

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