#TSRWhereDeyAtNowDoe: Former Girl-Fighter Brooke Valentine

#TSRWhereDeyAtNowDoe: Former Girl-Fighter Brooke Valentine




So, I’m about to blow you guy’s head back with this one! Do y’all remember coming home from school that one day back in ‘05 and 106 & Park was on and they had a new video premiere for a song called “Girl Fight?” You remember the next day how you got off the bus ready to slap the chick who was talking smack the day before? 
Well, that woman goes by the name of Brooke Valentine…excuse me, B. Valentine. If you don’t recall, Brooke Valentine dropped her debut album, Chain Letter, and well….we kind of never heard from her again. After she dropped her album she wanted to take a stab at the music industry again so she did that by dropping a few mixtapes and singles here and there, but they were unsuccessful. 
But like the late songstress Aaliyah said, “if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again.” She of course has been staying relevant via Instagram (@4everbrooke) by posting provocative and scandalous pictures to peak her fans interest. She has been looking good while doing it, might I add. 

Besides being sexy and a mother, the Houston native has been putting in some time and effort into the studio. She has taken to Instagram and Snapchat to post little videos and snippets of some of her new songs that she has been working on! 
Brookie has been in the studio working, honey! Word on the street is that she is making a comeback (again) and from the looks of her IG, people are totally here for it! Her vocals have stepped up and her production team sounds bananas! Check out Brooke’s hit video, Girlfight, below! 

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